Friday, January 8, 2010

New Podcast up! And notes for this spring

The latest podcast is up, at - this one on Dos and Don'ts for aspiring hypnoerotica writers. It's a bit quick and dirty, but it does the job. I'm really intent on getting more podcasts up this year.

And that's a good leadin to my overall plans this spring. On my agenda:

  • A weekly podcast reviewing the previous Sunday's MC stories, and any not on the EMCSA which have been brought to my attention. (If you know of a good hypno story not posted on please do let me know about it!)
  • Podcasts every first and third weekend on other topics
  • Getting a Google Calendar link to my appointments calendar set up so people visiting can know when I'm available. This is a big one, because with the demise of Niteflirt's appointment system, people have a hard time figuring out when I'm clear and taking calls. There's a lot to be said for random, but I want to do more by appointment. Also, since I plan on going full-time at this in May, staking out a time slot might help me better plan my week.
  • Releasing "Merchant's Daughter;" recording and releasing "By Her Command: Peaceful Sleep," "Museum Heat," and finishing the Robot 1.X series.
  • Updating my wishlist again. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who have pampered me. I am so happy!
I also have great ideas for getting my files to people at upcoming cons. I'm hoping to premiere "Merchant's Daughter" at FFF! There might be more in the way of chakra work at Frolicon too. Stay tuned.


  1. thanks for letting us preview Merchant's Daughter at solstice! i'm looking forward to hearing more people talk about the vampire fetish they're developing because of it! the Peaceful Sleep idea sounds good too. after all, when everyday activities can be made into hypnotic reinforcers, then you never have to wake up :) and kudos on more podcasts!

  2. Looking forward to all of those, particularly Museum Heat, but the podcast link doesn't seem to go anywhere but the front page of libsyn's podcast library.