Monday, June 6, 2011

Day-to-Day Frustration

I have a good day job now, while we recover from the damage caused by Jukebox being out of work. I love the team, the environment, the company attitude. Once I get on nights, I'll even love the hours.

Right now, though, it feels like my life is on hold until I know my permanent schedule. Just a few things I have to wait on:

* I can't get a schedule in place to make sure I have dates with my Chosen. This is really bugging me.

* I can't take calls on a regular basis.

* Having to get up at 0530 is killing my evening phone time too.

* My physical fitness projects are on hold.

* Visiting Chosen and pets is impossible to schedule.

*Cant record either.

With all of this, I have to vent a bit. I just want to know my schedule so I can begin to adjust my life.