Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice Eve Night

And so, here we are, my friends. It is Solstice Eve Night. It feels like I have journeyed a long way this evening, so forgive me if I relax for a bit, won't you?

I have long decried the myths of The Perfect Domme. One of those myths is that we are always in the space to be dominant the fact is that over the past year, I haven't been there at all. I have found myself restricting my desire to dominate to my Chosen, a few select pets, and otherwise trying to live a relatively "normal" and mundane life. I promised myself I would try harder to be dominant outside that circle, but just didn't feel it so much. Writing the post about my Seran was an important step, but insufficient.

I needed to step back a bit and look at the things that are important to me. This became even more true as it became obvious that a new, mundane-level job would limit my travel. Friends from the community are moving on, doing their own thing, and while I by no means claim to have planted all of the seats, it was nice to see so many of those I did plant growing.

I have said before that, without being selfish, my dominance is still about me and what I want. That is still true. I have decided that I'm still interested in an online training program, still interested in putting out CDs and MP3s, still interested in exploring the joy of trance play with my Chosen and pets. What I am not interested in is do-me "submissives" even, most of the time, in a phone sex context. I have enjoyed that before, and I probably will again; there is much to appreciate about what Erica Jong called the "zipless fuck."

But right now, there are my Chosen and pets to tend, there are e-mails to write to loving friends who have been so patient with me (HypnoMedia, Vassal, Jaya, Amitus, I'm talking to you here!), And there are decisions to make as to which events I will attend next year and in what capacity.

As we enter the new year, I wish for everyone so many good things. I have two weddings to attend next year, weddings of hypnotic friends. I have books to write. (And thank you, LeeAllure, for your support… I will be writing you very soon as well!) I have the online training program to record and get posted. There is so much positive coming, and I choose to revel in it.

May you be blessed.