Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Was Going To Blog About My New Recording...

... but this came in, and I just couldn't help myself.

People ask what a "do-me" submissive is. Friends, I bring you: Random Messenger.

Friday night on the way somewhere with my Jukebox, I got this series of IMs.

(10:51:16 PM) Random Messenger: hi queen
(10:51:44 PM) ladyruetha: Can't really talk right now, sweetie... but went ahead and added. :)
(10:52:14 PM) Random Messenger: why cant you talk?
(10:52:30 PM) ladyruetha: I'm a bit busy. :) 
(10:53:13 PM) Random Messenger: with phone sex calls eh?
(10:53:56 PM) Random Messenger: i saw your profile on (Website Redacted).......
(10:54:15 PM) Random Messenger: all women on there have their own websites, and most have "phone sex" listings with Niteflirt as well........thats why i ask
(11:00:46 PM) ladyruetha: Actually, not tonight... but perhaps soon.
(11:01:13 PM) Random Messenger: well count me out
(11:01:27 PM) Random Messenger: i'm definitely not into paying 2 bucks a minute to talk to
(11:01:28 PM) Random Messenger: no offense
(11:06:31 PM) Random Messenger: but i would like very much to be hypnotized by you
(11:06:36 PM) Random Messenger: let me put my cam on for you..hang on
(11:07:26 PM) ladyruetha: I don't use cam.
(11:07:32 PM) ladyruetha: And I did say I'm busy?
(11:10:23 PM) Random Messenger: well i'm sorry, but your going to need to get a cam,
(11:10:32 PM) Random Messenger: and unfortunately, i must insist you ignore the other "loser" and talk to me
(11:12:40 PM) ladyruetha: The other "loser" is in the room with me and giggling like a loon right now. Maybe he'll write someone like you into one of his stories.
(11:13:55 PM) Random Messenger: well the only reason he is there, and i'm because you dont "know me" :)
(11:14:32 PM) Random Messenger: he is a pathetic loser, and i  am twice the man he will ever be........furthermore, you would "pick" me over that pathetic worm of a man i guarentee.....its just that you dont "know me"
(11:15:15 PM) Random Messenger: he is the lowest form of a weak, pathetic, helpless male i have ever come across........he is more pathetic than a puppy dog
(11:15:23 PM) ladyruetha: LOLOLOLOL -Do tell.
(11:16:13 PM) Random Messenger: tell me, when you see him naked, do you "laugh" at how small of a penis he has? does it remind you of a "vienna sausage"?
(11:16:58 PM) ladyruetha: Hee. You are so very funny. I have to go, but do feel free to keep talking. I'll read it tomorrow.
(11:18:29 PM) Random Messenger: ok sweety, talk to you then
 Tomorrow, I will break this down and explain what he did wrong for those who don't get it. Today, I just want to let this stand as it is... a monument to "HAHAHAHAHAHANO."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Latest Float Session

I had a fantastic massage and float tank session last week, sponsored by one of my Chosen. This was the best session I've yet enjoyed, confirming my suspicion that the more you do them, the more you get out of them.

I started out without any plans for meditation. While I'm currently meditating on Air in my spiritual life, I decided to simply let my Deep Self guide my experience this time. One of the themes I've been exploring these last few months is trusting my Deep Self to tell me its needs and, by extension, my needs.

So I showered, got into the warm water, and floated. "OK, Deep Self, what do we need to experience today?"

Almost immediately I was flooded with a sense of love and compassion for my deepest self and my body. It was so sudden and unexpected that I found myself holding my breath for a moment. As I exhaled the surprise and tension left my body and I floated in multiple senses.

It is no shock to hear that fat people have body issues. What was still new and unexpected was the sense that I was listening to my own voice. "Gods, you are beautiful. Look at what your body has done!" This was followed by a list of the amazing things my body does, did, and will do. While (as many of you know) I advocate body love and incorporate it into my recordings, this was not the same words I have previously recorded, either for others or for my own private use.

The words were accompanied by a sense of being held and loved. Float tanks are supposed to recreate the womb, but this was not maternal. Neither was it sexual. It simply was, and I have no idea how long it lasted.

I kept this sense of love all week, which was rather important as a GI bug hit me Wednesday. All through that time, I kept talking to my body with that sense of love and compassion as I tranced as much as I could and cheered my T-cells on.

Isn't trance an amazing thing?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Isn't it wonderful when a Domme is feeling inspired? I can't wait for this year to get going. Letting things rest fallow was the right thing to do...