Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Being Dominant And Gifting

It seems to blow some peoples' minds that I am a Domme who loves giving things. No one notices anything out of place in a Domme who gets things, of course; the fact that I am typing this on an iPad that was a gift from a potential submissive seems absolutely natural. (And it is, for what that's worth. That's our dynamic.) Some people just don't get the equally natural joy that I experience when I give something. I'm going to try to explain.

The first thing to understand is that what I love to give are things I make. It's not fun for me to go buy something for someone. I want to create. I love, need, to make things. It's part of being who I am. Learning a new skill or perfecting an existing one is a high-reward thing for me. (And my Chosen are shameless aiders and abettors, bless each of them!)

The next thing is that I don't need all the things I make. I don't create at a high enough volume to sell, but really. How many scarves do I need? Sweaters? Teeny TARDISes and K-9s? Therenis such a thing as making something I'll never use for the sheer joy of the process, and then not needing it.

So what do I do with these things? That's right. I gift them. I love the rush that comes from presenting; I love the joy that someone experiences. And yes, these feelings are magnified if the recipient is a submissive. Even if that submissive isn't mine.

So yes, send me presents! I love them. But don't be surprised if eventually you get something handmade. Because this Domme loves giving.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Video Camera! And NEEHU 2012!

Tonight i took the first steps toward bringing back a more definitive online presence: I bought a video camera. This allows me to do so many things i couldn't before.

High on the list is videos for my own enjoyment, videos of my Chosen in trance. I would imagine that few of these will ever be seen by anyone but me. I look forward to them, though.

And then there are other reasons... ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Times of Dawning

Times of Dawning
Every so often in life, I find the choices I made do not reflect the me I wish to be: healthy, strong, and full of life. Looking back at the past 18 months, I can safely say these choices have fallen out about 50/50. I can do better than this.

It was about that time that the "day job" I took as head of household began. As head of my house, I feel strongly that it is my obligation to make sure needs are met. At the time, this simply wasn't happening. I thought that a job which took place on my favorite shift would be a positive thing.

I did not count on walking into one of the most toxic work environments I have ever experienced. Even with trance help and medicine to assist with my biological issues, it simply will not do for me to work at that job any longer. I have stuck it out to ensure my family's needs get met, but it has drained me of energy I can ill afford to lose.

I have put on weight. For the weight itself, I could care less, but it is affecting my joints. (The rest of my health remains undamaged, for which I am grateful.) I have lost the time I needed to record.

More sadly, I have not had time or energy to connect with community. I miss that so very much.

It's time this turned around. New dawnings are important. At Samhain, I began to hunt for a new job. I have some promising leads. I am also typing this on my new iPad, a gift from a sweet obedient boy. (Yes, this makes me happy!) I have new ideas for the future of the Realm.

In the outer world, winter is beginning. In the Realm, crocuses and snowdrops are peeking through the whiteness. It's time for beginnings.