Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mmmm, yummy.

Yesterday Copper got Skyperec set up on his computer and we recorded a session. What was so special about it? It was a seed. The plant growing from that seed is a transcript, and once that transcript is edited (pruned? fertilized?) the fruit will be Chakra Capture. (And that's about as far as I'm going to overextend that metaphor! Hee.)

This file will be available in MF and FF versions. Note that this file will contain posthypnotics and minor submissive elements that extend beyond the file listening time. If you're looking for that kind of thing, you should really enjoy this one. I know Copper did. Look for this to come out in October.

While I'm on the subject of upcoming releases, here's the rough timeline of releases I have planned:

By Her Command: Weight Management
Mountain Lake for Women
Jukebox: Volume One (for experienced hypnotic subjects)

Robotics 1.02: Antivirus
The Voice (this one by popular demand!)
Jukebox: Volume Two (again, for experienced players)

Puppyfur: Canine Transformation Part One
Vampire fantasy number one
Chakra Capture

Robotics 1.03: Skins
Foot Fantasy
Sleep and Dreams

Robotics 1.04: Activation
Robotics X: Security Backdoor
Something else, as yet undetermined!

There may be other releases in this time frame, but this is what I'm shooting for. There will be a minimum of three releases each month. If I get inspired, there will be more. With the feedback I get, inspiration is always possible!

Mmmm, so many yummy ideas.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a quick post...

Surgery went OK, and I'm recovering. Kitty came by and gave me a long footrub, which really helped.

I got a bunch done on one of the scripts... it's about 85% complete as I write, and I expect to finish it and possibly a second today. All of this makes me highly optimistic that Good Things Are Coming.

Still have those slots open, and I'm thinking of being on Niteflirt tonight as well. We'll see!

Monday, July 27, 2009

As I write...

...Seran is editing CDs, and the scripting is going well. I got a lot written tonight.

When I'm working with someone, either as a therapeutic client or in the erotic sense, I stay away from scripts. But I find they really help me when I record. The thing is, I have so many ideas right now that it's hard to stay on one script for any period of time. I keep wanting to jump from one to another as I get ideas. I think that's a manifestation of my ADD. It's also a real solid pain in the ass.

So today I made myself sit down and focus on just. One. Script. For more than an hour. By the end of it, I felt like my brain was exploding... not from pain, but from sheer focused energy Oh My Gods I Have To Move!!!one. That kind of thing. I told Copper and Jukebox I felt like I wanted to get up and run around the room like a toddler trying to sit through a movie.

But I got work done, and more will happen tomorrow. However, it won't happen tomorrow night. Tomorrow afternoon I have some minor surgery, and I know from past experience that the pain meds will have me poured into bed by eight eastern. I'll be back in the swing of things by Wednesday morning, though, with adequate sleep. Kitty will be coming over to take care of me, so don't worry. I'll be just fine.

I have slots still open for phone hypnosis early Thursday and Friday morning. Thursday I have 0800-0900 US Eastern, and Friday I have 1000-1100. I'm delighted that I'm getting to play with some new people those mornings! Also, I have some time Friday night after 2100 US Eastern. I can also do times Saturday and Sunday, but those need to be by appointment unless you hear otherwise! People keep asking me for daytime slots, so don't let these go by!

Dragon*Con planning is going on apace. I got the rental car reserved today.

And I just got this message on my Yahoo! messenger:

LadyRuetha: While you edit, I'm blogging.
Seran: Mmm your voice goes right into my mind M'Lady. I get sleepy a lot when I listen to the files I'm editing.
That's my good boy. Hee.

Available sessions this week

I'm hammering out details, but I'll be available Wednesday through Friday mornings, and evenings by appointment. I'm eager to get going on this!

Also, the CD cover info went off to the graphic designer today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just got back from swimming...

...and the water was warm, warm, warm from sun. And it reminded me of the hot tub at CONvergence, and the fun we had there.

It was after the Adult Hypnosis panel. One am, and I really, really wanted to soak. Jukebox had been in and out of trance all day and was completely fried. Copper was keeping an eye on an older guy who looked disturbingly like Alan Moore with totally white hair who kept asking me if I believed that aliens are hypnotically brainwashing humans. My sweet Seran was talking to people about the Virtual Hypnotist software. I got asked to speak at two different groups up in the Twin Cities area, and then people started to drift away to their rooms and parties and so on.

I informed my pets that I really wanted to soak. The hot tub at the con hotel is large and comfortable, with benches down both sides and a nice stair in. Of course I didn't want to bring any of my watches into the water, but I had a small Swarovski crystal ball that would work very well. It doesn't matter if one of those gets wet.

After a few minutes where everyone got ready, we entered the water. It was really warm, almost to the point of hot. Jukebox was so completely fried that just the idea that I might possibly maybe want him to go into trance at some point this year was enough to send him altered. (He's easy anyway. Fractionated and sleep-deprived... it's a good thing I didn't want a long, slow seduction there.) Copper has gone into hypnosis for me in hot water before, so after a moment he was very happy. Seran actually relaxed to the point that I had to put my fingers under his chin and tilt his head back up to keep him from having his face touch the water.

The best part of it was that they actually were floating in water while they floated on my voice. I love using that imagery, and even though they couldn't hear me well (there were party rooms ringing the pool area, including the Con Suite), they're so well-trained that their unconscious minds did as I wanted anyway.

The programming is pretty much private, since they're capital-M-mine, but none of them wanted to come up from hypnosis. I brought Copper up first, since he was going to be doing the driving, and then the other two a bit later. To be honest, I'm not sure if J ever really came up.

After that, of course, we were hungry. The hot tub closed at two, and we spent the last little bit cleaning up around the pool area. After all, one of the things that makes a hotel want to host a con again is a happy or at least not unhappy staff, and it wasn't fair to ask housekeeping to clean up all the cups and towels left around the pool. Then it was off to Denny's to have a late-night snack and watch MST3K.

When we finally got to bed, none of us were awake long.

Next time, I'm bringing a bigger crystal.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

OK, testing!

Testing how well this works. Hopefully, this will come through all right. I couldn't find a better client, so I'm just going to use the post from email method and live with it.

Looking for a new blackberry blogging client

You know, I should check more to see if any of my blog posts are getting through. I think my blackberry blog client is not at all working, which irritates me.

I owe you all CONvergence reports, reports on CD status, and so on. I'm sorry, I didn't realize my admittedly sporadic posts weren't getting through... I wondered why there weren't any comment alerts! Mea maxima culpa.

So, here's the latest:

I will definitely be at Dragon*Con. There is a *possibility* for Atlanta area people of get-togethers Wednesday night. Again, do we want to have a meetup during the Con proper - Friday through Monday? I'd love to arrange one.

I just joined - I'm reconnecting with some old friends there and making new ones. Chew Toy got me on there, and I don't know why I waited so long. I'd been invited there years ago. I have to say that while the interface is annoying, I really do love connecting with people.

New CDs: Waiting on editing to be done and art to be done. This month had a lot of unexpected wrinkles, which I won't detail because no excuses.

I had the joy of meeting Deliciously Naughty and Sexyhusband in person again. They're wonderful, warm people. I met them a few years back at Dark Odyssey and just loved them.

It's official: the move to the Twin Cities is on. Time up there for CONvergence made me fall in love with the area, although expect me to complain in winter 2010. A lot. The current game plan is to move in April 2010. I am hoping to have everything lined up to work fulltime as a hypnotic Dominant at that point, which will give me a lot more flexibility on my life as a whole. Working days I can't take care of my health the way I want to either, which... I've never been ashamed of being a big woman, but I want more stamina and I want to be able to take the time my body needs. It's really sad when I communicate with my body and it tells me it wants an hour at the gym, and I can only give it half that. Going fulltime as a Domme will give me the flexibility to do that.

The other thing it will do is give me time to sit down and write. I have some projects in the works that I really want to do, and I need the time to sit down and bang on the keyboard without being distracted. The way my current schedule goes, I don't have the time for that at all.

So once again, I apologize for the lack of updates. I'm off to search for a better client!