Friday, May 29, 2009

Liveblog: Entrancement UK's "Emily"

Good evening, and welcome to this experiment in liveblogging! I'm excited about this, and I hope you are too.

I'd like to talk a bit about Entrancement UK, the people who produced "Emily." I've known Lex for several years, and he's hypnotized me before. He and Very Significant Other Liz have a blog, which I've mentioned on my podcast as one of my favorites. It's called Hypnofantastico and, like Lex and Liz, it's often very very funny in addition to being hot. You can find free excerpts from their videos here on YouTube. Lex is a really nice guy, for all he tries to play at being a bastard.

When I looked through the videos I had a chance to review, "Emily" was the clear choice. First of all, I like real women. Emily doesn't look like a skinny girlchild, for all she's a model. Second, Lex told me this was a less cohesive shoot than most. He also mentions this on the website. I wanted to take a video that he was *less* happy with, because then if I liked this one, I know I'd like the others. Finally, I liked her voice.

It's 21:00, the lights are low, and I have the lube. Let's get the video started!

21:00: Ooh, she has prior hypnosis experience. Excellent. Let the induction begin!

21:02: There are some chests I like to watch breathe. She has one.

21:04: Three minutes in, and she's just gone. For those who like watching peoples' eyes as they surrender? This is good.

21:06: I mentioned her breasts right? Yeah. She's following along with Lex very well. Lex is giving the basic safety guidelines - good to see this.

21:09: First convincer. The glued fingers one is good, and she's clearly enjoying herself being helpless and caught.

21:13: Clearly basking in the imagined sunshine, then accepting the posthypnotic reinduction trigger.

21:16: Emily does a wonderful blissfully entranced. Her voice in trance is very sweet. And the first freeze trigger! She's doing beautifully.

21:19: You know, the differences between British and American English make this so charming for me. My not-so-hidden Britophile is really enjoying the references to "hedgerow," "straightaway," and many other words that just don't get used enough in American English. Annnnd first posthypnotic: The shoot is just getting started and she doesn't think any hypnosis has happened yet.

21:20: Forgetting her name, she is so cute! I love her smile. You win, Lex, she is completely edible.

21:24: Hee! "Interesting parent." Well, yes, anyone naming their daughter She-ra, Princess of power... ooh! first freeze... and thank you for the cleavage shot, Lex!

21:26: HA, Liz being naughty! Go Liz! And back to Emily, who seems to be enjoying her freezing.

21:28: Thanks for the cleavage shot, Lex! (I've had to pause for a few off and on here, offline life happening too.)

21:29: This is the part where the sleepy fetishists need to tune in, about 20 minutes into the video. She is lovely.

21:30: 25 in... let the bimboization begin! This is not my thing, but I am absolutely sure that those with that kink will be blissfully horny.

21:31: I thought that sweater covered too much when this started. I have officially changed my mind. I really want to play with those breasts.

21:32: Watching posthypnotics kick in is fun, even when they're not my kink.

21:35: "Can you say smoke alarm?" "Um. Yeah." Hee! Also, four plus four is really hard to calculate. I'm getting flashbacks to Dragonlance here... "One and one and one and one and one. Two! No more than two!"

21:36: OK, she's adorable. Not sexy to me, but adorable... oh, wait. Back in trance. And the heat spikes!

21:38: Ha, Liz being naughty again!

21:41: She is so confused. Hee. It's funny to watch her be completely bamboozled by how her clothes she thought she was wearing, she's actually left in the other room... she was sure she had them a moment ago, I'm sure.

21:43: And Lex starts hitting all the hypnoslave buttons. Blank and mindless and obedient. Waiting to be commanded. Yes, this is very much yummy.

21:44: Nice bra. Bye, bra!

21:46: Lex is often at his best when he's being silly and goofy, and Emily seems to be willing to give as good as she gets. This part is a lot like a private stage show.

21:49: I'd like to recap this for you, but I'm giggling too hard and I don't want to spoil the jokes!

21:52: Mmmmm... back to yummy trance. Also? She does a good zombie arms-up walk.

21:55: Mannequins get pleasure from what they do, unless they're possessed by Autons. And my geek is showing. Wait, does that make Lex an Auton?

21:58: I might have to change my mind about PVC too.

22:00: There's that smile again! And then frozen, no less. Now, this is interesting... she has carpetburn from where she hit the rug while kneeling, but she had no idea she had done so till he brought her out. If anyone thought she was acting... you need to see this part of the video, at about 55 minutes in.

22:04: Another pause to sip some water. I'm needing to fan myself for some reason.

22:05: Annnnd now we get to the orgasm trigger and sexual sensation relocation fun. I love this. It never gets old.

22:07: Such lovely breasts. It's a shame they're so confined right now... but the outfit does make the heaving more obvious.

22:08: Lex, you are not the good one.

22:10: It is so very, very, very hot when they go nonverbal.

22:11: OK, that freeze with her wrists in the air was delicious.

22:13: In point of fact, she IS a good girl. This is incredibly hot, watching her reaction to the helplessness and the posthypnotic.

22:15: I love how she didn't move her legs, even when she was allowed to move her hands. She really was a very good subject.

22:16: Someone needs to tell her that it's better if you breathe into an orgasm. Hee.

22:18: Another point where I just can't recap because it's too funny and I really can't spoil the humor.

22:21: Nice wide entranced eyes at 1:13.

22:24: And nice eye flutters there as she tries to regain her train of thought while getting aroused all over again.

22:26: Awww, that lovely smile is back again... so sweet.

Annnd that's the end of the video. I really enjoyed it... and this is coming from someone who doesn't care for visual porn and who has never bought a video. I'd buy this one.

Thanks, Lex and Liz and Emily! And Emily... my email's on the site. ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A couple of notable blog posts...

First of all, this one from thrall talking about Initialization. I'm really glad she enjoyed it. She's one of the great lights of the robokink crowd, and her opinion means a lot. (Plus it means I can get off on having her echo the Directives, and that's worth even more, IMNSHO.)

Furthermore, she also touches on 1.02 - Antivirus, 1.03 - Skins, 1.04 - Activation, and the optional but fun 1.05 - Security Backdoor. Yes, I know there'll be at least that many CDs in the Robotization thread. There'll probably be more, but those are the ones I definitely plan. Ideas are always welcome!

Second, this post from Sex Geek. Sex Geek always challenges me to think more and differently about WIITWD, and I really like the advice threads. The part of the post I most enjoyed was SG's advice to the 54-year-old submissive man.

I have always felt that sex is great, but for many people the submission is rewarding in and of itself. I've been blessed to have several of those people as playthings and pets over time. I agree one hundred percent with her advice to the letter writer. I would be more than happy to take on a service toy of either gender without any expectation of sexual obligation. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love having my Chosen mindlessly coming all over the place, but if there was a curious submissive of either gender or in between who was interested in experiencing hypnosubmission without sexuality involved, I'd happily take hir on.

I sincerely hope the letter writer finds someOne for him. Service-interested Dominants are definitely out there!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Liveblog event! Entrancement Video UK video

This Friday night, I'm going to liveblog as I watch Entrancement UK's Emily video. After that, I'm going to podcast a synopsis and my reactions for those who miss the liveblog. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and it's a great way for me to get back into doing the podcasts. I've known Lex for some time, and I can't wait to see his work. He gave the go to this idea this morning, so we'll see how it goes.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with liveblogging: A liveblog is when the blogger "blogs along" with an event as it happens. The blogger starts an entry, publishes it, and then adds on to it by editing the entry as the event unfolds. The blogger usually timestamps her additions as she adds on. By refreshing the page, people reading the blog can get a "live account" of what's happening. I prefer to liveblog instead of Tweet because, well, I might have more than 140 characters in a given comment and don't want to break them up too much, at least the first time.

Those who know me know I'm not usually a visual person. Because of that, I'm going out of my normal comfort zone on erotica - my usual favorite work is all auditory. (It's hard to get kinesthetic porn without actually being involved.)

Emily looks like she'd feel just nummy, though. She may be a model, but she looks like a real person along the way. I like my women to be soft and lush and I think she'll do the trick beautifully. If this goes well and Lex approves, I may go on to liveblog (or even Tweet, who knows?) other videos in the future.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Survival, again

I'm recovering from the long weekend and the longer last two months, so I hope these next few weeks go better than the last have.

The good news:
1) I might be recording again tomorrow night. This is good, because I have a lot of good ideas that should have been released by now.
2) CONvergence is getting ever closer!
3) The family member having the health issues is recovering.
4) One of my pets is vacationing in London and sending me updates. I really love getting his hypnotized status reports.

Not-so-good news:
1) I still haven't had time to podcast or review the DVDs I've been sent.
2) Sales are down right now, largely because I've been too swamped to promote things. I suspect the robot sales have also dropped off for other reasons... we'll see when Antivirus premieres.
3) The vacationing pet is my editor, so the new releases will be mid-June. I'm looking into ways to set up preorders.

More news soon.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Wow, two posts in two days. It's like things are slightly improving!

I got the updated CONvergence schedule, and there are five, count 'em, FIVE hypnosis topics... including adult hypnosis and a group session. This is fantastic. I am really looking forward to the con now! Today is the last day for prereg, by the way, so if you're considering... do it!

Crossing my fingers, but I really hope to get a podcast done this weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm happy this morning.

I had a really good night last night. What made it special? I recorded *four* new tracks with my new studio!

This brings the number of unreleased mp3/CD tracks to seven, for five CDs of material. (Two of the CDs will have two tracks each.) I can start to get closer to a release schedule. This Makes Me Happy.

As promised, one of the tracks is the FF Mountain Lake. Another is By Her Command: Weight Management. Four of Jukebox's short trances will be released two at a time. Finally, response to the robot release was good enough for me to put more energy into that, so AntiVirus will round out the releases I have done so far.

I'm actually feeling quite a bit inspired. The studio owner is very professional and laid back about the subject matter, and the studio itself is more comfortable. He is interested in doing more. I'm hoping to go in toward the end of the month.

Another thing making me feel good is that the Chew Toy flashfics are up on now. I have never made a secret of being a Raving Chew Toy fangirl - in fact, when I met him I was sincerely worried I'd come off as a stalker. (Apparently I didn't.) It's not too strong a statement for me to say that if "Dream Girl" had not been the first or second EMC story I ever read, I might not be here today. But it was, and I am, and I'm so very happy to be hosting his flash fics. To Chew Toy: Thanks, hon. I'm glad I get to use you.

I'm also going to be working with my Seran on a more "interactive" Virtual Hypnotist session. He's long had a dream of making it a more interactive session. After he comes back from vacation, we're going to start working seriously on that project. I'm curious where it'll lead.

So, yeah, good things happening. :) More news as I have it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Matter Of Trust

I haven't updated as much lately, because to be honest my thoughts haven't been all that blissful. I got word that the recording studio I was using is no longer going to be operational. It couldn't have happened at a worse time. I'm waiting on word on when I can get back the raw recordings I've already done.

Thank goodness for hypnosis, because without it I'd be a basket case!

One thing this has done, however, is point up once again the value and meaning of trust in the D/s relationship - and the truth that it has to go both ways. This is true for all D/s, of course, but I can't help but think it matters more for hypnotic D/s than for, say, protocol-based housecleaning servitude. (No, I have no evidence to back up this claim. Sue me. :) )

Right now, my pets have to trust that I will go back to being able to Dominate them at whim instead of having to work up to it. They have to trust that they still matter to me in this time where everything unnecessary is being burned away.

And I have to trust them as well - to be mature adults, to look after each other in small ways, to spoil me and pamper me without the prospect of immediate or indeed any reward. I have to trust them to have the best interests of our Family at heart, instead of just their own.

All of which is to say that daily, I am getting proof that I made the right Choices in my Chosen. Because they are doing that and more.

And I am so deeply grateful.