Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleep Ray for Men and for Women is out!

There's an error right now with the text on the CDbaby page, but that should be fixed tomorrow. In the meantime, this wonderful and hot hypnotic fantasy CD is ready to buy!

In the far future, a scientific mission is on a far planet when an engineer makes a discovery: an anesthesia ray with the ability to blank the mind. And then that power is stolen...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally starting to feel better!

The last few days haven't left me with much to talk about, frankly. I haven't been trancing people very much and I don't have news to report on my projects. But it's so good to have energy back that I feel like I have to at least check in on the blog.

I am happier with how I've been posting a bit to the mailing lists lately. I am also happy that I got a podcast out last week, despite my feeling so awful. This week I'm going to be recording on hairbrushing and hypnosis, and then the next on ADD and hypnosis. Then the week after I might do a special Love Trance episode. I haven't done an induction in a while, and I miss doing them.

Of course I'm going to be recording some podcast stuff at FFF. I am trying to set up an interview with Doctor Slashblight, hypnotist and up-and-coming erotic hypno video producer. He's willing, it's just that I need to get time to record hammered out. The next week Copper will be in town, and with his voice and Jukebox's we might be able to do a story reading. That, again, is something I haven't done in a while and miss doing.

I am also looking forward to Valentine's Day. But more on that in future entries...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't go into trance just yet...

Someone tonight, a person who plans on meeting me at NEEHU2, said something about how he didn't want to disappoint me because he wouldn't be enough of a challenge for me. He thought he'd go into trance too easily.

I have news for people: there is no such thing as too easily. If there was, I'd be soooo bored with Jukebox by now... and everyone knows how I feel about my beautiful pet!

Honestly, having someone go into trance the moment I sit them down for it is incredibly hot for me. There are few things I enjoy as much as laughing and saying "Wait, not yet, I have to demo the pre-talk!" or "We need to negotiate!" or something similar.

So please, don't worry about being too easy for me. It's just fine for you to go into trance exactly as fast as you want to go. I can always bring you up if we need to do more. That's perfectly OK. I give you permission, when the time is right, to be hypnotized as deeply, as quickly as you need.

And enjoy it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wow, food poisoning SUCKS.

Really, really sucks.

But the new podcast is up, one of my pets wrote some really hot erotica for me, Copper will be here in a couple of weeks, and Sleep Ray will be out this weekend - Monday at the latest. So that's something! I'm in the process of cleaning out spam comments, and I plan to completely redo the podcast site over the next couple of months. It needs some love.

For now, though, offline to recover s'more. Did I mention food poisoning really sucks? :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just a quick checkin...

Antibiotics are a miracle of the modern world. I know several times that I would be far, far worse off without them. However, right now they're making me miserable. Fortunately the end is in sight. I'll be more active again soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Podcast 5.3 Posted!

You can listen to it here:

Upcoming Hypno Events: FFF and NEEHU2.

There's info in the show notes, and if you listen carefully you can hear my cat playing in the background.

Recording tomorrow for the CD for the Flea and for my own (nefarious? Muahahah?) purposes.

And today Jukebox and I measured for a home recording studio, and also for possible a home video studio...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Podcast 5.3 Recorded!

Editing tonight, and then posting tomorrow.

Also, Sleep Ray should be out in the next few days! And Thursday I'm recording my track for the Fetish Fair Flea CD, as well as a track to be launched at FFF. Again, can't wait.

I updated my website last night to include the video of me on TV. Samples of Sleep Ray are going up in a little bit. I'm taking calls tonight and tomorrow, of course.

Thursday is the meeting of the Focus Group in Minneapolis. Email for details! :) We're doing an induction practice.

Lots of little things happening... stay tuned for more!

Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Attract A HypnoDomme: Part Four: That Critical First Impression

So you have your profile, you have your brief intro, and you have looked around for a Domme or two that you feel might mesh with you. So far, so good!

Now it's time to send a message. This might potentially be the hardest part of all.

If you are not in an actual chat with her, you want to send an email or a mail through the site, instead of opening a chat window, unless her profile specifically says that is welcome. Why? Because she might be text-hypnotizing someone! I've often told people that Domspace is a trance too, and no one likes having their trance, their focus, interrupted. Furthermore, if you were the person being hypnotized, you would want her focus on you.

Instead, send a message to her via a mail or message client on the site. Use your prepared intro, and ask if there's a time you can talk. Let her know she can feel free to add you and chat with you. If you've already taken the (advisable) step of listening to any free files she might have, letting her know which ones you enjoyed and why might also be a good thing. Ask if you can friend her.

Then step back. Not for a few hours... for a few days. Dommes are busy - for example, I go out of town a lot, and don't have time to answer messages until I get back. A delay doesn't mean she doesn't want to talk. She could be just that busy.

If you are lucky enough to be in an actual chat with her and she goes silent, please do not say "I'm sorry, I must be bothering you, I'll let you go." That tells her what she should be feeling. It's rude in any case with anyone, but with a Domme it's bad form. Instead, say something like "Please let me know when you're back, I'd love to keep talking with you." It acknowledges she may be busy without seeming in any way passive-aggressive.

If you are in a chat with her, ask her how she would like to be addressed. I prefer "Lady" to "Mistress," for instance. "Goddess" is something I reserve for my pets. A new potential sub starting right out calling me "Goddess" might annoy me, depending on my mood. Other Dommes prefer "Mistress" or "Goddess" right off the bat. A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way.

Also, there is a fine line between assuming her wants and desires for the conversation are more important and making her do all the work of keeping the conversation going. For instance, if she asks you about yourself and you say "What would you like to know," you're making her do the work. Expand on the quick intro you've already given her. If something interests her, she'll follow up with more questions.

Finally, for the sake of all that's holy, use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You want to show you are an intelligent person. There are many Dommes for whom inappropriate grammar and spelling are like nails down the chalkboard. It also highlights D/s conventions more... if you're always using lower case, will a deferential "i" stand out? More than once, I've asked a sub if his "y" and "o" keys were broken, because he kept referring to me as "u." More than one Domme has commiserated with me over the issue. Respect her. Act like you're educated. :)

Suppose you've let a few days go by and no response. You might send another message just saying you're checking in and you would still like to chat. You're available at the following times; would any of those work for her or would she prefer to propose a time? That shows respect and deference.

Doing these things help make your first impression more positive.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What (obviously brief) advice would you offer a new erotic hypnotist?

Read everything you can. Study everything you can. Practice as often as possible with plain old hypnosis as well as the more sensual stuff. Don't try to do therapy unless you're certified and have training. :)

Ask me anything

What's your most favorite induction method?

Long, storytelling inductions. I adore it when I have the time to really get going and play with the imagery.

Ask me anything

Just posted to my mailing lists...

This is what I wrote on realmofbliss - at - yahoogroups dot com and emcpodcast -at- yahoogroups -dot- com (man, I love confusing bots!):

It always amuses me how, when I actually post to the lists, I get a small flurry of unsubscribes. And perhaps you might need to be on one list instead of the other, or on both.

The EMCpodcast list is a commercial-free zone (with the exception of, because I think their service is of value to the sex-positive community and I don't get any favors for mentioning them). I may announce where I'll be speaking realtime about hypnosis, but it's the place I designated to talk about hypnosis in general. If people don't post to the list, they probably won't get a lot out of it.

The Realm of Bliss list is for what I'm doing, my services, and general chatter related to me specifically instead of trance in general. We may talk about trance in general there too, of course. I reserve the right to give notices about my products, services, and other stuff on there. :) In this case, too, how much you post will influence what you get out of it.

I admit to being bad with mailing lists. I'm enjoying twitter, because I like to chat, and if you're not following me there you might want to (I'm Ruetha over there). But I'm making a commitment to reviving these mailing lists this year. I'm also committing eight hours a week to the podcast - recording, editing, and posting. There WILL be more podcasts. Depend on it!

I hope you'll join me and post!

To this I'd like to add: Please comment on this blog and on Jukebox's! The more you comment, the more inspired I am to write and record! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Go To Bed: A True Story

Last night I went to bed a bit after Jukebox. He's never been one to have trouble going to sleep, so he was already cozily snuggled up in the blankets. (He's native Minnesotan. I think that's why when I get to bed he always resembles a contented burrito. Disentangling the covers is something I need to do every night, and it never fails to make me giggle.)

As I finally got the blankets to the point I could get under them, he roused enough to purr and snuggle his back up against me. I whispered in his ear, using one of my favorite keyed-to-me triggers for him. "You are deep asleep. This is all a dream." He echoed my words, drowsy and obedient. I knew I had him. Sleep had shifted to trance. Time to play.

I wrapped my arms around him and began to play with his nipples softly. "Strong and submissive. All your strength is turned to serve me." I began to program him, brainwashing him with my words and the heat of the pleasure. "You are a strong man, and I own you. All your strength is turned to serve me. Your deep self serves me blankly and without thinking. It feels so good to serve me."

His toneless repetition of my words began to mix with gasps as his hips rocked. My nipples rubbed against his back, sending warm pulses of heat through me. Far hotter to me, though, was the blankness in his voice. Over and over, I brainwashed him, programmed him, reinforced my control. Some of the commands I gave him are ones I give only to my Chosen. Some were for him alone. When I finally allowed him to come, he whispered over and over "Goddess... Goddess... Goddess..." as he must.

When he was done, he slumped back against me, boneless and limp, the trance deepening even further. I checked in with him: "Tell me something you need me to know."

He responded "I am so blank. I am still coming." The shakiness of his voice and the whimper told me that yes, my beloved Chosen's orgasm hadn't finished, no matter what his body said.

I took his hand and placed it on my breast. As he has been trained, he began to caress. The rest of his body remained immobile. "What's happening to you, pet?" I whispered.

The shakiness was gone. "I am blank and deep and i am going deeper i am hypnotized and made blank by your beautiful breasts there is only going deeper..." Monotone, hypnotized, each word simply coming from his lips without thought.

I allowed him to continue to caress my breast as I brought myself to orgasm, listening to him speak, programming him deeper. As he must, when I came he came. Every time. Until our bodies were both relaxed, melded together, in love, perfect.

We fell asleep that way, his mind as asleep as it was when I got into bed, the covers now wound around both of us. As it should be.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recording tomorrow!

Yay, I get to finish the robotization series! I'm also doing a high-quality free recording which will be out Valentine's Day weekend.

I've updated the travel schedule on my website with the latest information and travel dates for me. I cannot wait to go to FFF!

And after that is NEEHU... Ah, it's going to be a good spring!

Off to script now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How To Attract A HypnoDomme: Part Three: Starting Your Search

So now you have your quick introduction written. You've done some self-examination. It's time to go out and look for the Lady of your dreams!

There are numerous sites out there where you can find other like-minded people. If you don't already have an account at your chosen search sites, create one. Fill out your profile with the information you decided on earlier. I repeat: fill out your profile. Make sure you put more in there than your kinky interests. A real person is more attractive than someone who only wants sex. (Although if that is what you want, go on and put that in too. Honesty is frequently appealing.)

Another hint here: If you're not interested in professionals at all, put that in there... but you don't have to put in a dissertation about how D/s should always be free and pro Dommes are whores. Many lifestyle-only Dommes have professional friends and may be offended.

If you are comfortable with it, have a picture with your profile. Some sites allow art for pictures, others insist it be you. I prefer those that allow art because I understand that sometimes it's not safe to have a picture of yourself. If you do put up a picture of yourself, for the sake of all that's holy, don't make it a penis shot. You can always give one of those if asked.

Regardless of where you go looking - and if you're here, I assume you know some of the usual haunts - there's one thing that's absolutely, positively critical once you've filled out your own profile and started looking. It seems intuitive, but you'd be surprised how few people do it.

Read the Domme's profile and website.

You've gone through all that work to decide what you want. Yet many s-types message the first Domme that matches the search, instead of reading what she has to say about herself! Please, please avoid this mistake. It can save you a lot of heartache later. The time you invest at this stage can also save you both wasted time, if you find out right off the bat simply by reading that you would not match this Domme.

With tabbed browsers the norm these days, all you need to do is open her webpage(s) in another tab. You don't even need to lose your search in the process.

After you find one, or two, or more Dommes who look like you might match their needs and wants, it's time for the next step: That Critical First Impression.

In the last two months...

I've been to North Carolina twice, presented at the first LeatherFET, waited for the birth of a family member, hypnotized my Chosen and pets, almost had someone walk in on me during sex, lost my voice, and worked on planning NEEHU2. I am so very relieved that the holidays are over!

I loved the presents I got from my Amazon wishlist for the holidays too. I am thrilled to have finally gotten the portable hard drive, some tights, a teddy, and a lovely velvet top/dress!

I am also getting ready to set up a home recording studio. WinterRose and RattieMattie showed me theirs, and it's quite a nice setup! It'll make it much easier for me to work from home. Podcasts and free recordings will become much more plentiful!

I am so happy to be past the holidays and back to regular work! The next meeting of the FOCUS group in Minneapolis will be Thursday the 20th of January. RSVP to me at ladyr - at - blisstrance - dot - com or on Fetlife in order to get directions!