Friday, June 18, 2010

Just had fascinating sensory dep tank experience! :) I'll post on it soon. I really want to experience it multiple times. Lots of nice, dreamy sensations. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Museum Heat! And: My Chosen Love Me.

Museum Heat is almost ready! Here's the artwork, and oh, is it lovely! Watch for the formal announcement very soon here. This is my most sexual file to date, and the one I've most wanted to have out for a while.

Also, I'm going to Chicago this weekend to unwind and spend some quality time with one of my Chosen. He's going to take me to do this: Flotation/Sensory Deprivation tank time - something I've wanted to do for ages! I can't wait to tell you all how this was.

Longer post tomorrow.

Monday, June 14, 2010

NEEHU was incredible!

Peak experiences always leave me dazed, and NEEHU is no exception. How do I explain how it felt to me to be there? How do I talk about the amazing people? How do I list the new friends, and talk about the reconnection with existing ones?

I can't. So I'll do the best I can and skim the surface.

Things That Are Hot:

* Kissing a wonderful woman and pleasure triggering her repeatedly into the kiss... while her boyfriend watches approvingly.
* Having said boyfriend hold her on the brink of orgasm later until I could get back in the room to watch. (Thanks, both of you... I so appreciate that! :) )
* Binding two really hot women together in trance. Yum. No. YUM.
* Watching others play with their partners. I don't get to watch very often!
* Hypno-Reverse-Freeze tag. No, I'm not kidding.
* The hairbrushing and hypnosis session. My long hair kink is Very Happy right now.
* Being hypnotized in Russian. (Yeah, yeah, insert your A Fish Called Wanda joke here... but I probably already made it.)

Things That Are Rewarding:

* Watching new people hypnotize others for the Very First Time, after you've explained things to them.
* Seeing people you met earlier in the year, now as couples.
* Poly snuggling.
* Watching your beloved come out of his shell and be social and happy.
* Collaring ceremonies.
* People realizing that holy shit, we're NOT alone!
* People assisting each other to be the best they can be - particularly noticeable in the wonderful exchanges in the Becoming A Better Submissive panel. Honestly, J and I really just gave that one a reason to get going - the help between others there was where it was really happening. The interplay between people there was spectacular and heartwarming.

I am so very grateful to Mephki and DrSlashBlight for getting this together. For those wondering, there IS already planning going on for one next year. We don't have venues, dates, or anything else settled... but I know that since I won't be coming off a move next time, I'll be able to put more into being part of the planning and setup. If you couldn't come this year, watch this space and others. It will happen again. Normally I'd put in the caveat "if people want it," but the comments I'm seeing on Fetlife already tell me they do!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

NEEHU liveblog: entry 3

Just got done helping out with the Improving your induction hands-on workshop. Lots of experienced hypnotists helping out novice hypnotists in getting better at what they do. People are having a good time. I'm seeing lots of smiles and hearing lots of laughter.

Over the next little bit we'll be getting ready to close things down, although before then J and I will be doing the "Becoming a better subject" session. That one won't be blogged, alas. We'll both be busy.

The suggestions panel was a lot of fun. A lot of good ideas for what peoples' favorite suggestions are, a lot of cautionary tales, a lot of help learning to frame suggestions with the caveat that learning to formulate suggestions more formally is good.

The play party tonight should be interesting.... ;)

NEEHU Liveblog - Entry 2

OK... so hypnosis 101 has been presented, and now I'm in the one slot I might actually attend, which is Rope and rapport. (I have two real rope fans among my Chosen, so I need to learn more about this.) It's being presented by Mephki (@mephki on Twitter), and I will be blogging what I can as I see it. This is somewhat hands-on, though.

Mephki says rope is a tool to convey emotions and interactions with partners. It uses the unconscious mind to help figure someone out.

...and this went from somewhat hands-on to me rope-molesting @Unchaste-Athene and @lizthegrey together. I wish I had pictures, but Liz and Athene were rope-dancing and Mephki tossed me some rope and pointed me in their direction. So I got them both at once. I ended up having them bound ankles and one hand each and blindfolded with rope. It was niiiiice.

Over to Jukebox in a few minutes!

NEEHU Liveblog: entry 1

9am: Up, showered, hair is still very damp but passable. Aaronhalt is getting out of the shower, Jukebox is up and showered and dressed. I know you all wanted to know this. ;)

I'm going to attempt to liveblog this day, at least up until the play party, at which point I will be too busy to check in. (Which is sad, because I know that's what most of you will want to see. Sorry. :) ) In a few minutes, we'll be heading from the Westin over to the Hyatt and getting ourselves ready.

So far, I'm presenting these things:

10:30-11AM - Lady Ru'etha - Hypnosis 101

Introduction to hypnosis, safety, and to show you why hypno is hot! (Talk + demo)

12:30-1:30PM - Lady Ru'etha Introduction to the Induction.

Learn how to induce hypnosis with Lady R! Didactic and demos.

I might also be doing panels on suggestions, on robotization, and on hypnosis for Dominants. We'll see.

Over to Jukebox at his blog... click right over herer.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I should be in bed!

But no, I'm up blogging. Because I haven't in a while, that's why! :)

I'm getting fantastic feedback on "BHC: Peaceful Sleep." Please, if you got it and liked it, leave comments on the CDbaby page. People wanting to buy it value the opinions of those who have it already. Actually, that applies to any of my recordings! (If you bought it and DIDN'T like it, message me. I want to keep refining my skills, and your feedback is helpful!)

Also, if you have feedback on my hypnosis that you give me permission to put on my website, please let me know that too.

So early this week I was out of town in North Carolina, and the reason can now be told! I was filming a documentary on Sex Robots which has already been picked up by Discovery Health in the US. That article came out on April 15, while WinterRose and I were still working things out for filming with Landmark Films. I did some robotic programming hypnosis and took a Niteflirt call on the air, where in a change from my usual work I became MEG, the Male Entertainment Gynoid, for the enjoyment of a robot fetishist. I was willing from the start, but the session ended up being extremely entertaining and I'm glad I did it.

Obviously, I don't know how much time I'll be in the documentary. They have a story to tell, and robotic hypnosis is only a small part of it. But whether I'm in ten seconds or ten minutes, I have to say it was an interesting and delightful experience. My new pet CaptivePrincess was on hand to do my hair and makeup, my new pet Sleepyhead was in town for something else and dropped by, and a good time was had by all. Since this is due to be broadcast this fall, I'm sure I'll have more information by the time it hits the airwaves.

I actually got stuck at the airport on Tuesday night, and I didn't get in until Wednesday morning. That night I gave an instructional session on erotic hypnosis for a local D/s group. To my delight, the room was packed! There were good questions asked, people seemed interested, and a good time was again had by all.

This weekend I'm attending a wedding, and then Sunday the organizational meeting for what I'm temporarily calling MEHG is taking place. After the D/s group on Wednesday I set out a signup sheet, and to my sheer joy almost 40 people signed up to attend the organizational meeting! We're going to get some good things going in the Twin Cities with hypnokink, and I cannot wait for that!

Thursday at Oh My Gods O'clock I fly out to NEEHU with Jukebox. I have a lot to do this week in terms of getting handouts ready and so on, but I'm looking forward to it. NEEHU will have a lot of hypnosis play. You don't want to miss it!

Then the weekend after that I go to Chicago. After that over the fourth of July weekend is CONvergence, and there WILL be a hypnosis play party there - details forthcoming!

So with all this, when can you talk to me on Niteflirt and Talksugar? Well, I'll be around Sunday night late, Monday through Wednesday most of the day and evening, and after that it'll be till the following Monday. Make sure you get in your appointment emails! I love meeting new people!

And even better news: the rough of Robotics 1.03 is good, which means it'll be a June release along with Museum Heat for Fm and Ff! And I have four Jukebox scripts to record, and then after that is Sleep Ray for Fm and Ff as well. And the robotics series will be finishing in July with the optional 1.X in August. I already have the art done for those... they look wonderful.

You know, looking at all this is making me tired! Bedtime. I'll be posting Sunday!