Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And right on cue...

... the day job is trying to show me why I'm glad I'm leaving. It didn't have to convince me, I was already convinced! :b

So you should all read this instead: Thrall's blog post on Sunday night.

Because it was yummy, that's why.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A break from the con posts for a Real Life announcement!

Things are moving along on the personal front. It's looking like I'm moving to Minneapolis/St. Paul in late April, and in preparation for that I am quitting the old "day job" March 15 to go fulltime pro hypnoDomme and speaker. I have reached the point where I can do a day job or trance but not both, and given that I am burned out on my old job... hypnosis wins.

Every person who comes to hypnosis and hypnotherapy wanting to do it as a career comes to this point. I really had planned for it to happen long ago, but real life intervened. However, I know that everyone who goes pro fulltime does it as a job as well, and so I'm really only changing career paths.

I am in the process of updating the appointments calendar to indicate appointment blocks during the day, starting March 16. I am excited to be able to do this! However, there are some caveats:

I really want to get back into writing. I have two partially-finished books that need my attention. I could not give them that attention while working the day job. Now I can. But I need to set aside time to do that. Thus, there will be times each day labelled "NOT AVAILABLE-WRITING." If this is the ONLY time during the day you will be available to make a call to me, let me know well in advance. We might be able to work something out.

I also need to script and record, both CD/mp3s and the podcast. The podcast will go back to being at least a weekly affair, with the EMCSA update once a week and other topics every other week or more. To that end, there will be recording blocks scheduled at least once or twice a week. These will vary in length and time of day.

The good news is that this means I can be up a lot later. I am naturally nocturnal, and I really do believe that many of the health problems I've had the past few years are the result of forcing my body onto a "normal 8-5" schedule without regard to what it does best. My most productive hours are between 9pm and midnight, when it comes to writing, inspiration, and personal care. I do very well up to 2am. Having to be in bed at 11pm and up at 5am has just devastated me healthwise. I feel confident that with a shifted sleep schedule things will be much better for me - and that's taking the stress of becoming fully self-employed into account.

So: Everyone wins. I get my health and what passes for my sanity back. You get increased hours, more blog posts, more cds and podcasts and speaking engagements and you even get books and short stories!

But I can't do this without your support. Remember that the next year will stand or fall on your help: reviews in hypno-related forums, calling my lines, buying my cds/mps/books when available, posting to mailing lists (please not obnoxiously!), bringing me to your events to speak and play.

We're counting on each other here. My last few years have, quite frankly, sucked. But 2010 is starting off unbelievably. Let's make it the best year of the last five!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back in time: Friday night SIG

When I posted the first post about the party Saturday morning, it was reallyreally late and I needed bed. But let's flip back to Friday night, before the room induction, and talk about Friday night's SIG meeting.

A SIG, or special interest group, is like a sub-club of a larger group. In the D/s community, common SIGs include rope, spanking, etc. To my knowledge, NELA is unique in having a hypnosis SIG. (If I'm wrong, please let me know!) That SIG is, of course, the New England Hypnosis group. I am not fully sure how the two groups interact. What I am sure of is that at 20:00 Friday, there was standing room only in the room assigned for the SIG meeting.

There were plenty of experienced people there, and a lot of us in that category knew each other from online already. But it was so very exciting to see the numbers of new people there as well - and they about equaled the experienced folks.

We took questions, mythbusted, explained basic and common ideas about hypnosis true and false. I could see interest being piqued in people all around the room - and I don't mean interest in Mephki's cookies (although damn! It's a fetish on FL for a reason!).

Then it was up to the room for the party.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Room trance, Saturday at FFF

OK, I did all right with the blogging but not great. Part of that was that Saturday was absolutely fantastic.

I had a private session with someone I've wanted to play with in person for years. I don't have permission to disclose any details, but I will say: Mmmmm. :) Just Mmmmm. Thank you, sweetie, for letting me play with your head. You know who you are.

It was right about the end of that session that I realized I didn't have my ID, passport, or credit cards in the room. The long and the short of it is that these things are gone, and I need to get them replaced ASAP.

But even that couldn't dampen my weekend, because things were fantastic. I'd been wearing a purplish blue flowy dress I love, but decided for the room trance I needed to "pop." It was the work of a moment to choose to wear my long, flowy red dress. Also bare feet, because I am pagan enough to like the feel of something under them that isn't sock or sole.

This room trance was a first for me. I have done "room trances" in chatrooms, of course, dozens of times. I've put all of my pets into trance, even sensual trance, at the same time frequently. I've also done large hypnotic sessions at other cons - family-friendly cons. Nothing where I would not only be welcome, but expected to bring in the erotic component.

We got to the room and discovered that the room we'd been given was, well, small. About half again the size of a normal hotel bedroom. They had lined up two lines of chairs across the back, there was a couch to one side, some easy chairs to the other, and that was just about it for seating. People were already sitting on the floor a couple of rows deep, and more were congregating in the entranceway. Mephki and DrSlashBlight (who, seriously, needs to consider a new username. Something like "BigCuteSoftyHypnoDom" or something) gave me an intro which turned me the same color as my dress, and we were off.

There's something exhilarating about trance. There's more to group trance, and holy cow erotic group trance is way up there. Hearing seventy-five percent of the people in the room gasp at a sensual trigger is *awesome.* (The other twenty-five percent? Nonparticipants/watchers and those who elected not to participate in that part... as I had told them it was optional.) As things moved on, gasps moved to moans and whimpers, also really hot. There were a few people curled up on other people there, and that was cool beyond words.

Copper was really out, and at one point I looked over and Mephki was braiding his hair! Too sweet, and knowing he was taken care of let me focus all the more on the rest of the room. And when I generalized out the sensual trigger to the Dominants of those submissives who had it... well. There were a few people grabbing the wall and gasping when I left the room, is all I'm saying. :)

Halfway through I had to bring everyone up for a stretch break, due to the crowded space. Some people had been looking seriously uncomfortable, and this relieved that. Enough people went ahead and left at that point to space out the floor a bit. Despite this, I only had about a five-foot space to walk around in.

I want to do it again! In a larger room!

Then the second night of room party... but that's another post.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ahhh... life IS good!

Spent the day trancing people, cuddling Copper, and talking. I took a rope workshop with Midori, and now I'm going to get ready to give my presentation.

Copper goes really deep into trance when I tie him up. I like this. :)

It's almost midnight...

...Pacific time. I just got in from the hypno room party, which: OMG. Luscious women of every body type and shape... from slender and athletic with purple hair to a soft, yummy reddish-haired round and everything in between. Easily hypnotized subby boys, some attached and Owned, some not. My Copper going into trance for someone else, which I have wanted to see for YEARS. Copper going into trance bound by rope, which: HOT. @thezvi and The Mighty Tantra Carrot. Confusion inductions. Training pets for other people. First-time trances. Light and sound machine. Trancing two women at once. Trancing two women, Copper, and then @thezvi going along for the ride. Watching other people trance other people. Wiseguy and Dani Fantom, and watching Wiseguy get "Sir, I want to shake your hand" over "Busman's Holiday." Lots of good hypnosis talk. And a happy delicious chance to go into trance myself to cap the night.

Yeah, I'm sleepin' well. :) Good night, world. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

This post will be up until around midnight.

This is for @sleepykitten99, because she asked nicely. I didn't even make her beg! So she can see this now and save it if she wants, and then I'll take it down.

But you've been a good girl, kitten. :)

Brainwashing Copper post 1: background

Yes, this is relevant for FFF. :)

For context, Copper has been my pet for five years. Originally Copper didn't feel himself to be very much of a submissive. He was more to the submissive side of the spectrum than the Dominant side, but he didn't see himself as very much into the spectrum at all.

One of the joys of the past few years has been unlocking that submissive side. Everything has been with the consent, of course, but because he has needed to feel safe in the process it has been a slow, sensual, gradual flowering.

Frequently his conscious mind has been impatient with the speed of things. But because of the way we did this, it really does amount to brainwashing: permanent changes to how he fundamentally feels about things in general.

Two years ago, I asked him to attend Dark Odyssey with me. It didn't happen. Even last year, I think it would have been more than he was ready to do to attend a conference like FFF.

But right now, as he curls up on the floor with his head resting on my left foot, purring, that slow and gradual conditioning is all worth it. He is here with me, right now, submissive and docile and attentive and very much mine. And we are both very, very happy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Safe in New England...

I'm in a room with Copper and we're all settled in. Since he was flying in from British Columbia, his flight was a bit later. Check out the twitter stream between us for humor. I was at baggage claim before he was and pulled his bag. Hee.

Monday at noon we're having lunch with Wiseguy and Dani before WG flies back out. Hoping to get together with more people in there, although apparently I missed a cookie-baking party tonight in Boston. This makes me a bit sad. I'll have to come back for more cookie-baking parties!

Off to go brainwash Copper a bit. Talk amongst yourselves!

Waiting at my gate...

It's been an insane week, and while I got a lot done I didn't get it all in. So:

* By Her Command: Peaceful Sleep is in editing. It and Museum Heat (both versions) are waiting on me to have five minutes to record backing tracks.

* I recorded Robotics 1.03. Next Wednesday, I record 1.04. I may even have some more scripts done by then!

* I dyed some rope. It's lovely. I'll be using it as a focus in a file sooner or later.

* Speaking of foci, my badly-needed night of pampering went beautifully. I now have sparkly toes! And very, very deep purple fingernails. Mmmmm.

In a few minutes my plane to Boston takes off. I do plan on podcasting if I can, and at the very least look for more frequent blog posts this weekend!

I really hope to see you at Fetish Fair Flea!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From a mailing list post...

From the Realm of Bliss email list:

First of all, thanks to those who have been obediently posting their experiences. It really pleases me to see them going to the list... And there's even been one really long one that I kept for myself. ;) Thanks also go to all of those who have supported me in the last few weeks - you know who you are. Also, thanks to @sirilyan for continuing to maintain my site.

Second, welcome to our new members! Please introduce yourselves. I love getting a lot of "approve this post" messages. :) Longertime members, please do welcome and greet the new folks. I know you remember what it was like to be new! (This goes double for my Chosen and my pets. I count on you to post when I'm too spammed.)

I'm thrilled that people are now making use of the appointments calendar! and click on appointments. (Why do I not link directly? Because I want you to explore the site!) It tells you when I'll be available for phone trance. The best way to be sure you get the time you want is to use that to help schedule.

I record two new files tomorrow, both gender-neutral, and the Fm and Ff versions of Museum Heat are being edited. The new files will be the long-awaited Robotics 1.03: Skins and By Her Command: Peaceful Sleep. I can't tell you how excited I am about them! And I'm scripting Fm and Ff versions of Sleepy Surrender, Breast is Best, Sole Submission, and Fractionation Festival (although that last may end up being gender-neutral).

I'm also looking forward to the Virtual Hypnotist packs for those files to be released. Remember that the VHpacks are adjuncts to the mp3 files, designed to enhance, not replace.

Live appearances are still go, and I can't wait for FFF in ten days! I will be podcasting from there, so watch for that.

Keep watching Twitter (@ruetha) and my blog ( for what's going on with me. Add me and say hi!

Wishing you many, many blissful trances...