Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chakra Capture goes live!

They're here! The first of my new CDs is up on Cdbaby, and I can't wait to share! "Chakra Capture: A Taste of Submission" is finally available in versions for both men and women!

Today and tomorrow only, the price of these CDs (or downloadable mp3s) is $30. Saturday, they go up to $35. Also, this is the final two days you can get my original three CDs (Robotization 1.01, Kittenfur, and Mountain Lake for Men) at their current prices. Saturday their prices go up as well!

More CDs coming, and I have other exciting news on the horizon!

Go to and have a look!


  1. I have discovered your work today and must say I am really amazed at the quality of the material and the experience it has provided me with. Can't wait for your next titles, keep up the good work. You are the best :)

  2. The weight management CD, By Her Command, does not contain the weight management file. Somebody put up the wrong one...For those eagerly waiting for this, it might be smart to wait a little longer, until it gets fixed. I'm sure impatience after an unexpectedly long wait had a lot to do with this error.

  3. I was sent the permanent file, so it may be all right on the CDBaby site now. Thanks, Lady R and crew!