Thursday, November 19, 2009

OK, maybe not today...

I wrote that before the cold meds kicked in and I started losing focus. :)

More news: Today I registered for Dark Odyssey in DC again. I don't yet know if I'll be presenting, but I do know I'm going to go and enjoy myself at the very least!

On the health issues front, I always think it's so cute and endearing when submissives get all fretful about me and try to tell me how to get better in the most respectful way they can think of. I've gotten a ton of private messages along the lines of "Eat something healthy! Er. Pretty please. Um. If it pleases you" and "You need to rest! Not that you didn't know that. I'm sure you know that, because you're a goddess." These both appeal to my sense of humor (which helps me feel better) and make me feel warmfuzzy (which also helps me feel better.) Thanks! I promise I'm trying!

If I haven't gotten back to your email, hang in there!

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