Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Was Going To Blog About My New Recording...

... but this came in, and I just couldn't help myself.

People ask what a "do-me" submissive is. Friends, I bring you: Random Messenger.

Friday night on the way somewhere with my Jukebox, I got this series of IMs.

(10:51:16 PM) Random Messenger: hi queen
(10:51:44 PM) ladyruetha: Can't really talk right now, sweetie... but went ahead and added. :)
(10:52:14 PM) Random Messenger: why cant you talk?
(10:52:30 PM) ladyruetha: I'm a bit busy. :) 
(10:53:13 PM) Random Messenger: with phone sex calls eh?
(10:53:56 PM) Random Messenger: i saw your profile on (Website Redacted).......
(10:54:15 PM) Random Messenger: all women on there have their own websites, and most have "phone sex" listings with Niteflirt as well........thats why i ask
(11:00:46 PM) ladyruetha: Actually, not tonight... but perhaps soon.
(11:01:13 PM) Random Messenger: well count me out
(11:01:27 PM) Random Messenger: i'm definitely not into paying 2 bucks a minute to talk to
(11:01:28 PM) Random Messenger: no offense
(11:06:31 PM) Random Messenger: but i would like very much to be hypnotized by you
(11:06:36 PM) Random Messenger: let me put my cam on for you..hang on
(11:07:26 PM) ladyruetha: I don't use cam.
(11:07:32 PM) ladyruetha: And I did say I'm busy?
(11:10:23 PM) Random Messenger: well i'm sorry, but your going to need to get a cam,
(11:10:32 PM) Random Messenger: and unfortunately, i must insist you ignore the other "loser" and talk to me
(11:12:40 PM) ladyruetha: The other "loser" is in the room with me and giggling like a loon right now. Maybe he'll write someone like you into one of his stories.
(11:13:55 PM) Random Messenger: well the only reason he is there, and i'm because you dont "know me" :)
(11:14:32 PM) Random Messenger: he is a pathetic loser, and i  am twice the man he will ever be........furthermore, you would "pick" me over that pathetic worm of a man i guarentee.....its just that you dont "know me"
(11:15:15 PM) Random Messenger: he is the lowest form of a weak, pathetic, helpless male i have ever come across........he is more pathetic than a puppy dog
(11:15:23 PM) ladyruetha: LOLOLOLOL -Do tell.
(11:16:13 PM) Random Messenger: tell me, when you see him naked, do you "laugh" at how small of a penis he has? does it remind you of a "vienna sausage"?
(11:16:58 PM) ladyruetha: Hee. You are so very funny. I have to go, but do feel free to keep talking. I'll read it tomorrow.
(11:18:29 PM) Random Messenger: ok sweety, talk to you then
 Tomorrow, I will break this down and explain what he did wrong for those who don't get it. Today, I just want to let this stand as it is... a monument to "HAHAHAHAHAHANO."


  1. Heavens to Betsy Ross's garter belts......

  2. WOW. That is probably the worst case of one that I've read about so far. D: Hilarious, yes, but it pains me to think of how someone can write those things and think that that level of disrespect is acceptable.