Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Being Dominant And Gifting

It seems to blow some peoples' minds that I am a Domme who loves giving things. No one notices anything out of place in a Domme who gets things, of course; the fact that I am typing this on an iPad that was a gift from a potential submissive seems absolutely natural. (And it is, for what that's worth. That's our dynamic.) Some people just don't get the equally natural joy that I experience when I give something. I'm going to try to explain.

The first thing to understand is that what I love to give are things I make. It's not fun for me to go buy something for someone. I want to create. I love, need, to make things. It's part of being who I am. Learning a new skill or perfecting an existing one is a high-reward thing for me. (And my Chosen are shameless aiders and abettors, bless each of them!)

The next thing is that I don't need all the things I make. I don't create at a high enough volume to sell, but really. How many scarves do I need? Sweaters? Teeny TARDISes and K-9s? Therenis such a thing as making something I'll never use for the sheer joy of the process, and then not needing it.

So what do I do with these things? That's right. I gift them. I love the rush that comes from presenting; I love the joy that someone experiences. And yes, these feelings are magnified if the recipient is a submissive. Even if that submissive isn't mine.

So yes, send me presents! I love them. But don't be surprised if eventually you get something handmade. Because this Domme loves giving.


  1. I like giving special little gifts to my best boys & gurls: a pair or two of panties to a special sissy or a box of purple pens to a boy who knows to always write my name in that color when doing written punishments. Usually they have already tributed a lot more to me in one way or another. It's just a small token of how much I enjoy having them in my life, and to remind them of me and help us feel closer despite the distance.

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  2. That's really sweet...:3
    And I know what you mean...I like also to create things, and I like the joy of people receiving them :D