Monday, July 27, 2009

As I write...

...Seran is editing CDs, and the scripting is going well. I got a lot written tonight.

When I'm working with someone, either as a therapeutic client or in the erotic sense, I stay away from scripts. But I find they really help me when I record. The thing is, I have so many ideas right now that it's hard to stay on one script for any period of time. I keep wanting to jump from one to another as I get ideas. I think that's a manifestation of my ADD. It's also a real solid pain in the ass.

So today I made myself sit down and focus on just. One. Script. For more than an hour. By the end of it, I felt like my brain was exploding... not from pain, but from sheer focused energy Oh My Gods I Have To Move!!!one. That kind of thing. I told Copper and Jukebox I felt like I wanted to get up and run around the room like a toddler trying to sit through a movie.

But I got work done, and more will happen tomorrow. However, it won't happen tomorrow night. Tomorrow afternoon I have some minor surgery, and I know from past experience that the pain meds will have me poured into bed by eight eastern. I'll be back in the swing of things by Wednesday morning, though, with adequate sleep. Kitty will be coming over to take care of me, so don't worry. I'll be just fine.

I have slots still open for phone hypnosis early Thursday and Friday morning. Thursday I have 0800-0900 US Eastern, and Friday I have 1000-1100. I'm delighted that I'm getting to play with some new people those mornings! Also, I have some time Friday night after 2100 US Eastern. I can also do times Saturday and Sunday, but those need to be by appointment unless you hear otherwise! People keep asking me for daytime slots, so don't let these go by!

Dragon*Con planning is going on apace. I got the rental car reserved today.

And I just got this message on my Yahoo! messenger:

LadyRuetha: While you edit, I'm blogging.
Seran: Mmm your voice goes right into my mind M'Lady. I get sleepy a lot when I listen to the files I'm editing.
That's my good boy. Hee.


  1. Sounds like you are able to overcome your problem quite well. I wish I could go to any Con you guys are at.