Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just got back from swimming...

...and the water was warm, warm, warm from sun. And it reminded me of the hot tub at CONvergence, and the fun we had there.

It was after the Adult Hypnosis panel. One am, and I really, really wanted to soak. Jukebox had been in and out of trance all day and was completely fried. Copper was keeping an eye on an older guy who looked disturbingly like Alan Moore with totally white hair who kept asking me if I believed that aliens are hypnotically brainwashing humans. My sweet Seran was talking to people about the Virtual Hypnotist software. I got asked to speak at two different groups up in the Twin Cities area, and then people started to drift away to their rooms and parties and so on.

I informed my pets that I really wanted to soak. The hot tub at the con hotel is large and comfortable, with benches down both sides and a nice stair in. Of course I didn't want to bring any of my watches into the water, but I had a small Swarovski crystal ball that would work very well. It doesn't matter if one of those gets wet.

After a few minutes where everyone got ready, we entered the water. It was really warm, almost to the point of hot. Jukebox was so completely fried that just the idea that I might possibly maybe want him to go into trance at some point this year was enough to send him altered. (He's easy anyway. Fractionated and sleep-deprived... it's a good thing I didn't want a long, slow seduction there.) Copper has gone into hypnosis for me in hot water before, so after a moment he was very happy. Seran actually relaxed to the point that I had to put my fingers under his chin and tilt his head back up to keep him from having his face touch the water.

The best part of it was that they actually were floating in water while they floated on my voice. I love using that imagery, and even though they couldn't hear me well (there were party rooms ringing the pool area, including the Con Suite), they're so well-trained that their unconscious minds did as I wanted anyway.

The programming is pretty much private, since they're capital-M-mine, but none of them wanted to come up from hypnosis. I brought Copper up first, since he was going to be doing the driving, and then the other two a bit later. To be honest, I'm not sure if J ever really came up.

After that, of course, we were hungry. The hot tub closed at two, and we spent the last little bit cleaning up around the pool area. After all, one of the things that makes a hotel want to host a con again is a happy or at least not unhappy staff, and it wasn't fair to ask housekeeping to clean up all the cups and towels left around the pool. Then it was off to Denny's to have a late-night snack and watch MST3K.

When we finally got to bed, none of us were awake long.

Next time, I'm bringing a bigger crystal.


  1. Sounded very sweet, hope no one interrupted

  2. Alan Moore Guy put Betsy into instant defensive mode...