Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back from Con...

Back from Con, and everyone is begging me for stories about the whole thing. Jukebox posted a quick story on his blog, so I won't cover that one. I'll just say that I got too little sleep and had too much fun for words...

OK, one quick story.

Saturday night during the hypnosis demo a lovely raver girl in a corset came in and pretty much begged to be hypnotized. She was the essence of hot... not too slender, easy to trance, and generally enthusiastic. She brought some friends with her, and one of them also wanted to be hypnotized over and over.

It was delicious watching them let go first to the rapids I was doing, then to the pocket watch. The raver girl was easy enough that when I was doing rapids on other people, she was going into medium depth trance just watching. And sure enough, they were geeky enough that giving them power buttons on the backs of their necks served as an easy way to shut down and reboot them. Note that I didn't have to do this as a formal posthypnotic trigger - "When I do this, you will respond this way." I simply mentioned "A lot of geeks power down when I..." and then demonstrated on my pets. From there, their unconscious minds did the rest.

I love Con.

I also made a few new friends, met some people from online I hadn't previously encountered, got to play with some old friends, and hypnotized someone with a turkey sandwich.

More later, but I wanted people to know I'm still out there!

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  1. I think that hypnosis through food - particularly REAL food - would be super effective at a con! I want to hear this story.

    (also, the power button trigger? Super hot...)