Friday, September 4, 2009

Dragon*Con: The Story So Far

Crazy hectic busy. Driving and driving and I hate Atlanta traffic. Very patient Reth and my pet kitty. Get to hotel, and Jukebox and Copper show up. Pizza and riding elevators and recouping from travel. Trancing and bedtime.

Day two: Waking up, working out with Copper, showering with Copper, Georgia Aquarium. Whale sharks, beautiful sea creatures, meeting a person I knew from the Yahoo hypno chat rooms. Walking back to the hotel, Seran arriving, trancing him and programming him. New microphone as a present!! (More yay than I can express.) Registration, dinner, putting Jukebox to bed, out trancing with Copper, bed.

Day three: showering, Nimoy and Shatner panel, sciencey stuff, buying stuff, lunch, and now happy sciencey stuff again. Tonight: music and MST3K. And trancing.

This has been my vacation so far in thirty seconds. Upcoming: hypnosis meetup Saturday and Sunday! (Please repost these times to hypno sites... I don't have goods web access.)

More later!

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