Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ahhh... it was a good birthday!

I was greeted with the following IM yesterday when I logged in:

"Happy Ru'mas!"

I gotta say, that made me laugh and made my day at once!

I spent the day with Jukebox going around to various local metaphysical bookstores. I may have found space for my non-ink practice, and that's always a good thing! I want to thank everyone who sent me gifts. They made me so very happy.

Also, HypnoMedia has launched his blog! This is another thing that makes me happy. When you're done here, go there and bookmark. You'll be glad you did.

And in the neatest birthday present of all, I get to widen my horizons with Yet More Travel! I am going up to the Arctic Circle, the furthest west I have ever been, and also going back to some familiar places.

Here's what my travel schedule mostly looks like for the remainder of the calendar year:

  • 21-SEP: Leave for Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. During this time, I will still be available for phone appointments. My hours may well change, though, so keep an eye on the appointment calendar! Also, I plan to get some good podcast recording time in, since I'll be in a pretty quiet place.
  • 15-17-OCT: New York City for a non-kink hypnosis training! Yep, CHt's have to get training hours to maintain our certifications, but this seminar just plain looks cool: Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis. As a BBW, I wouldn't mind having some of it rub off on me either. (There's another post lurking in that comment somewhere, about D/s and size acceptance and hypnosis. Watch for that.) I would LOVE to get together with the NYC crowd while I'm there! You know who you are!
  • 5-7-NOV: Wiseguy and Dani Fantom's wedding. I do not have enough smilies for this!
  • 2-6-DEC: Charlotte/Raleigh NC for LeatherFet. More details on this as I know them.
  • Sometime During The Holidays: Raleigh, NC. Available for personal get-togethers, hypnosis by appointment only.
Also, a note that I will be available for phone calls on Labor Day during the afternoon and evening! Bored on the holiday? Relax with me!

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