Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Couple Of Happy Things

One, I'm feeling better today than I have all week. I don't know what bug got me, but I am so very glad to see the back of it.

Two, it's official: I'm going to be in Canada in a couple of weeks, for a couple of weeks! I am very happy about this.

It's caused a change to my appointments calendar, though. Have a look. My phone hours are going to be very different for a bit while I'm up there. I won't say those will be the only hours I'll be on the phone... far from it!... but I will be on for sure during that time. I know they're weird. It's due to scheduling around when Copper can give me the attention I deserve!

The New York trip is definitely on. I'm already realizing that I'll have to go back and just see people, because since I'm attending a training (have to get those CEUs to keep my certification, you know!) a lot of my time is going to be taken up in a classroom. But oh, I do so want to see the awesome NYC crowd. And others in the area: there's always a chance we can get together!

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