Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fetish Fair Flea, part 1

I think one of the main points of the weekend is illustrated by the fact that "the green glitter ball" is now a fetish on Fetlife. Yep, the same green glitter ball I brought to the play parties and was passed around for hours. People played with it, gazed into it, blanked out to it, and generally had a fantastic good time. I'm telling you, those are some of the best hypno-pervertables ever!

The weekend opened with Copper meeting Jukebox and me at the MSP airport. We had dinner, then boarded the plane. Copper was in trance before we even took off. Jukebox, respecting the fact that Copper and I hadn't had in-person time in a while, spent his flight working on the next book of short stories. We settled into the hotel and I tranced them again, some more. This Makes Me Happy.

Friday was supposed to be a hot tub day. Instead we slept in and wandered around a bit, checking in and waiting for people to arrive. I'm very glad we came in Thursday night, because Friday the lobby was a zoo. Because the doors were always opening, the marble floor was like ice on my bare feet! But I had a pretty pedicure done, and I decided I wanted to show it off, so I did.

Friday evening, I had a lovely Valentine's dinner at the Melting Pot with my consorts. After that, we went to the hypno meet and greet. I had a great time saying hello to people I'd met before and met some awesome new people. Went back to the room for a bit, and then the first hypnoparty started.

I brought my light and sound machine and my glitter ball toys, as well as watches and crystals and so on, and let people use them. There was a really hot trance with two women, and I tranced a few people, but I had to leave early because my class was at 9am on Saturday morning. Still, it was great to catch up with people and watch them all get cozy and trancy. I loved the wordless kinesthetic trance I did with one woman. She got all blissfully melty.

I think that people were far more eager to get into tranceplay this year. Last year Friday there was a bit of nerves and people being less willing to break the ice. Friday this time people were diving right into the hypnosis. It's a community progression as people become more comfortable, and I loved seeing it.

More tomorrow. :)

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