Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Follow Your Dreams

This morning, Seran (aka FollowtheWatch) decided that his path has led him away from the hypnokink community. His reasons are his own, personal, and I support him fully and completely.

We are parting sadly but warmly, and I sincerely wish him light, long healthy life, and love. He gave me the ownership of the Virtual Hypnotist group (before I even knew he had done so) and I will be seeking a programmer to maintain his hard work.

He has asked that people refrain from attempting to contact him, send him positive energy, or pray for him. I am acceding to his wishes and ask all of my readers to do the same. If you have him on your contacts, please delete him. I know there are those who might find this request coming from someone not him odd, and under most circumstances I would agree. These aren't most circumstances.

Easter has deep meaning to him, and spring means new life. As he begins his, I hope you'll join me in wishing him well.

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