Monday, March 28, 2011

Atlanta Poly Weekend 2011

Last week was very tough for me emotionally. The loss of Seran, even though I'd always intellectually known it could happen, hurt. It didn't hurt more than I expected (or less, for that matter). The saving grace of it is my sure knowledge that the circumstances themselves could have been much, much more negative and less filled with mutual compassion and love.

Against that backdrop, I was rather surprised to get an email from Atlanta Poly Weekend in my box. You see, when I took the new day job I'd sent them a cancellation email. When I opened the schedule there I was on it.

Um. Oops!

I hadn't wanted to cancel. I really wanted to go to this one. I had a choice: make it work or become effectively a last-minute cancellation for them.

Six hours later, it was settled: I was to fly out Friday night. I got in touch with the APW folks and got moved on the schedule to a later time.

The con itself was wonderful. It was a cozy gathering of polyfolk of all ages. I found out that even among them, my relationship map is a bit odd. I discovered that a lot of people consider a 45-minute drive between partners to be a LDR. (The distance between me and my Copper blew some minds.) There were a few classes I would have loved to attend, but for one reason or another had to miss. My erotic hypnosis 101 class went over very well.

Best of all, I got to spend some wonderful, very much quality time with my Twinklie and my sleepyhead. The attraction between the two of them is so very much fun to play with... In fact, one might even call it magnetic. (At least it will be at NEEHU...)

Lying in bed with them while they had happy, warm hypnotic sex was a beautiful experience. (Bear in mind this was fully and joyfully consensual.) The lines of their bodies, the way their hypnotized voices blended, the rhythm of the motion, the heat coming from their joining... Mmmmmm. Falling asleep in each others' arms later, peacefully and blissfully dozing off, emotionally replete... I really needed every breath of it.

I am recharged and renewed by this weekend. I cannot wait for NEEHU!

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