Saturday, May 14, 2011

NEEHU Thoughts and Memories

As I've said in this blog before, my being kinesthetic means I experience memory as flashes of visuals and audio, combined with bodily sensations. As a result, this post is going to be a lot like that. A simple chronological summary of this event would be so cold... And the event was warm, warm and enveloping.

Thursday: up so early, snuggled up with Jukebox and Sleepykitten waiting for the plane. A short hop to Milwaukee, then a longer one on a smaller plane to Hartford. Strong winds on landing, but everything is smooth.

Heading to the Econolodge, amazed at the size of the room. Curling up next to the warmth of Jukebox's loving embrace, whispering him to sleep and then letting the rhythm of his breath lull me. Waking soon after, knitting, exchanging messages with those arriving.

And then Copper is there, tall, so real, and strong arms wrapping around me. Too much is never enough when we see each other so rarely. And Lyinar and Reth and Sleepyhead and Glacilux... Mad harmonious swirl of light and voices and laughing and hugs.

There is Chinese food, and there is hanging out. The senses are overwhelmed with people comparing phones, with the shower running as travel grunge-feeling is washed away. And there is a surpringly early one am bedtime, as the exhaustion of everyone's trips sinks in. We all are worried we will not sleep. All of us do.

I am between my Consorts. I listen to Jukebox's familiar gentle snores. I pet Copper's long (by my Will), soft hair. There is warmth and peace as I so-quietly entrance him to sleep. Soon after, soothed and lulled by their breathing, feeling quiet joy, I follow.

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