Sunday, May 15, 2011

NEEHU Thoughts and Memories, Part Two

Once again, a reminder that these are memories and impressions that may not seem to make sense to people used to following things as a blow-by-blow description, but they're My thoughts and memories and this feels right.

Friday morning, waking between my loves, asking Copper, "Did you sleep?" and being relieved to hear him say, "Yes." He does not always sleep easily in strange places. Didn't ask Jukebox that--I knew the answer. Hearing the sounds of Glacilux and Lyinar going out of the room to get breakfast, and I know it's time for me to get my shower. But the Mythbusters couldn't drag Me out of bed between My consorts with a C4 explosion.

Eventually, we all have to get up and get ready to go to the con hotel. I am the last one out of bed. The shower feels wonderful. Lyinar does not feel so happy, as he realizes that he is the "shuttle" taking us between hotels (after driving sixteen hours the previous day.) Copper and Lyinar and I are the first to go over, and we check in. Copper and I go up to a room that can only be described as "sumptuous". After a moment of wandering around, exclaiming, I realize that this might be My last time alone with him all weekend. I have never been good at resisting temptation, and at this moment I throw Myself into it headfirst. Funny, those moans didn't sound like they were complaints.

Others arrive, and it is time to pick up Twinklie at the airport. Lyinar, Sleepykitten and I make the drive. She is travel-stressed and ravenous; the first duty of a Dominant is to ensure the well-being of a submissive. We take care of her hunger, and immediately her mood perks up.

Back at the hotel room, I try on various wonderful lingerie, gifts from My Wish List and from pets and admirers. Jukebox once again falls victim to My hypnotic breasts. Oh darn. Funny, those sighs didn't sound like complaints. (Mental note: Must remember to get more lingerie that shows My breasts. I am more used to boy-shorts than g-strings and I think that I will go back to them in the future, but some of the lingerie was really nice. It felt good on My skin.) I feel Myself sliding more and more into Dommespace, and it feels wonderful.

I know I'm forgetting things from in here, but My memories are all sense, and so I find it hard to explain the swirling dance of sense-memories that I experience when I try to put it into words. There is Lyinar, finally getting to rest his swollen legs after obeying Me so well, shuttling people from one hotel to the other. There is Reth expounding on the glories of techno music (yet again.) There is Glacilux moving around the kitchen with glorious surety, not My pet but a treasured friend. There is Twinklie shedding the travel-weariness and being admired by every eye. There is Sleepykitten being petted. There are cheesy forensic shows on the television. There is the touch of Copper, and of Sleepyhead, and up close as I hug them, the unique, familiar and intoxicating sense of My loves. There is Jukebox, typing on the computer as always, because he can no more stop writing than stop breathing, even if it is only to comment on a blog post somewhere. And all of this is mixing, combining, rich and full and full of life.

And then it is time to go to the Society. We go downstairs and Sleepyhead and I get a ride with a kind gentleman and his lady (who I soon find that I have known for years on the MC Forums.) Along the way, I call Wiseguy and find that he and Dani are there, having dinner with a mutual dear friend and will be at the Society as soon as they can. The Society is a wonderful place, and if you are in New England, I urge you to take advantage of its hospitality. It is clean, appropriately lit, and comfortable. If I was in Connecticut, I would have immediately bought a membership. As it is, I am considering ways to support them long-distance, because a place such as the Society is a community treasure.

After signing in, I find Myself already giving hugs. Before long, it becomes clear to Me that this really is like a party with one hundred of My favorite people in the world. At My wedding in "real life", I did not have as many people that I was genuinely and thoroughly happy to see. Old friends, and those I had never previously met, were everywhere. I hypnotized Sleepykitten and sent her to enjoy her role as a hypnotized servant girl. One of the delights of the evening is whispering, "Deeper and deeper," to her every time I see her and watching her trance deeper. In her kitty ears and her play collar, she looks adorable. (We need to find her an appropriate tail.)

And then Vassal is there, and I hug him and run My fingers through his curls, so happy to see him. He also will be staying with us. If the room at the hotel was a sensationary swirl, this is a tidal wave. Electric candles, chocolate on every table, delicious food, laughter and conversation, colors, and the warmth of camaraderie and hugs, skin and fabric. I introduce the stage show, and I expect to go up on stage...but there are so many good subjects to go up that instead I watch. Copper is by My side and I wonder how he is doing, as in North MOFN, there are never this many people in one place, and no more than ten times this many people in the entire town.

The stage show is funny and respectful. I know almost everyone on stage, and I delight in their creativity and hypnotizability. Then the "Hypnosis Slam" starts, when people can just get up in front of the crowd and show off their abilities as either a subject or a hypnotist. I am quickly tranced by Wiseguy, turned around and given a post-hypnotic to hug a beautiful (and willing) friend and that I will be stuck to her. Oh darn. Funny, those giggles don't sound like complaints from Me. As it happens, because I am short, I am at exactly the right height to appreciate her corset. Did I mention "Oh darn"?

It is going to be an early morning, and a long day the next day. I go back to the hotel earlier than I would have liked, but bloodshot eyes are less hypnotic than well-rested ones. Once again, I drift to sleep between My loves, in bliss.

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