Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eight Ways To My Heart

8. Be geeky. I really can't emphasize that enough out of my last several partners, I met almost all of them online, and the one I didn't I met at DragonCon.
7. Back scratches. Back rubs. Foot rubs. Brush my hair. Touches that are sensual, but not necessarily sexual.
6. Be willing to put up with my cheesy fascinations for things like true crime, The Amazing Race, big weather and Earth science, and other completely random but fun to me things.If you those things as well it goes a long way.
5. Bring me wildflowers. I don't care much for roses. I am not a hothouse flower kind of woman. Unfortunately I am also really bad at keeping live plants alive.
4. Similarly, forget expensive jewelry or "standard" romantic gifts. I like the funny, the practical, and the thoughtful.
3. Show me you can have a good time without needing to drink. I am not a fan of alcohol. While it is okay if you personally enjoy the taste, don't expect me to join in, and be aware that drinking to excess is a sure way out of my heart.
2. Watch sports with me. I enjoy curling, American football, sumo, hockey, and (in small doses) what most of the world calls football. During the Olympics, I will watch just about anything if I'm bored. I don't play fantasy leagues and I don't gamble, but man, it's fun to watch!
1. Be willing to sleep with me. I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about curling up for a nap together. It feels wonderful, it's cozy, and it builds trust for me.

This is the first blog post dictated on my voice dictation software. It didn't do too badly! I'm learning to use it so that I can do things with my hands while I'm also telling a story, working on trance scripts, or other fun things. If you see something that looks a little odd, and you don't think I noticed, please tell me.

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