Friday, September 23, 2011

Nine Things About Me

  1. When adoring me, it is far better to pet me lightly than to hold me tightly.
  2. I am straight down the middle bisexual but my relationships with women haven't gone as well as I'd have hoped.
  3. I watch a lot more TV than I did five years ago, but I also read far more than I did then. DVR makes it possible for me to enjoy TV without my ADD kicking in too hard. It never bothered me when I read.
  4. I am not grabby with my Chosen. Still, ask first before play!
  5. I would much rather watch two of my beloved have sex than be in the middle of a threesome.
  6. I am talentless in the kitchen.
  7. It's as if my life has a divider right along the line of the century. My 20th and 21th century life are radically different.
  8. I am a much calmer person with adequate sleep. I never get it, though.
  9. I've spent ten minutes trying to think of what number nine should be!


  1. Definitely liking #1

    And very much understand #7

  2. This got me to come up with my own list and put it in my blog...I blame you, but in a good way. :)