Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday coming up!

So, yes, my birthday is coming up on September 4. It's not hard to find out what number birthday that is if you go looking. I know people are going to ask what I want. There is, of course, my Amazon wishlist over to the side... If it's on there, I want it.

I am also in the market for a Nook ebook reader from B&N. If people wanted to go in on that, coordinate with Jukebox. :) I want to be surprised. I like the Nook better than the Kindle for a lot of reasons, including but not limited to size, hand feel and the fact that B&N isn't going to pull books I've purchased from it the way Amazon has proven they will. With all the traveling I'll be doing, the Nook fits in better than the Kindle.

Anything purple and dresslike from Holy Clothing is a happy. Their skirts are too long for me, and their tops are almost long enough to be dresses, but I love their sundresses and longer-sleeved stuff. Again, coordinate with Jukebox. :)

And look for a birthday sale soon... ;)

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