Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Myth That I Am Straight

Sitting around, waiting for calls, and a couple of things came wandering through my brain.

The first is to thank people for the birthday gifts! I've gotten a couple, and they made me feel all happywarmfuzzy. You know who you are. Thank you!

The second was inspired by reading this bit of lunacy. It made me actually laugh out loud. For extra humor points, imagine George Takei reading it to you, especially numbers 5 and 6. Poor men, I really feel for you if all you can do is grunt out "Me like fuhbawl! Ugh!" and wear wifebeaters and sweatpants around your backyard to "prove you're not gay," AS IF there was anything wrong with being gay and as if there was a need for anyone to prove anything to anyone else about their sexual orientation. (A stance I most emphatically do not take, by the way.) There are so many things wrong with the article linked that I don't want to spend my time deconstructing most of them, because if they're not obvious on the face of them you probably need to talk to someone far more patient than I am.

But the more interesting thing that came out of it was wondering idly what it would take for a woman to show she's not a lesbian. And then, as something like that usually does, it wandered around to how the hell do I let people know I actually am open to same-sex relationships, because it seems a lot of people still don't know.

It's kind of funny, if you think about it. I still meet people who are stunned to find out that not only am I bisexual, but I'm straight down the middle bi. On some levels, I can understand the confusion. Most of my relationships have been with men. All of my current relationships are with men. And yet, the fact is that my earliest relationships were with women, I find women incredibly hot, and I'm attracted to them.

I don't simply do the "For Women" tracks just to have them out there. (Yes, they're lower-selling than the "For Men" tracks, but that's not entirely surprising. It's a market share thing, mostly.) I do them because they turn me on. I do them because I love to imagine someday some unicorn lesbian or bichick might find them and experience that uncontrollable urge to kneel at my feet and join my poly family.

And that's possibly happening now... I have two wonderful subbiegirls on Quest. And I'll be taking them to cons and trancing them into wonderful helpless bliss.

And I bet even with them sitting at my feet, I'll still have someone blink at me and say "Oh... I didn't realize you were bi."

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  1. Regarding the lined article... um, wow. Just wow. I seriously have no words.