Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 Days of Kink

All right, I'll give this one a go. Why not? :) It might keep me blogging a bit more, since it's a prompt-based thing and right now the day job is taking all of my energy.

I got it, of course, from my sleepykitten's blog. She's working on it for fun and for her writing assignment quota from me, so you might enjoy it. She got it from here.

I don't plan on doing it in order. There will be a lot of days when my energy level is low enough to do only the most basic ones, and other days (like today) when I have more energy.

Day 1: Identification

I identify as a Dom-leaning switch. I'm not afraid to switch and submit to the right person, but I am extremely picky these days about who I let hypnotize me.

I have strong elements of service top in me, in that I really enjoy getting people off. Chastity is not really my thing. But then, for my own gratification, I use sexuality to work my commands deeper into peoples' beings.

I am a pagan, and my patron deity is Aphrodite. The Charge of the Goddess says "All acts of love and pleasure are My rituals," and I take that seriously... even when pleasure is also mixed with pain. My personal taste is not to inflict pain except on those who really enjoy it, but I acknowledge and honor and revere the sacred nature of pain and its transformational properties.

I have strong elements of voyeur to me when it comes to people I know. Just random porn or people do nothing for me, but the energy of people I enjoy being around being with one another is erotic and invigorating for me. Even the sound of that can bliss me out for hours.

I love begging. The sound of someone so aroused they can't stand it begging for my permission to come, to be brainwashed, is incredible.

Mostly, though, it's the agreement with someone to let me go into hir mind, sometimes changing even who sie is, and guide hir into an incredible experience, one sie never thought about before... that has power, and energy. And the way I do it, it's love.

And that's joy.

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