Thursday, May 28, 2009

A couple of notable blog posts...

First of all, this one from thrall talking about Initialization. I'm really glad she enjoyed it. She's one of the great lights of the robokink crowd, and her opinion means a lot. (Plus it means I can get off on having her echo the Directives, and that's worth even more, IMNSHO.)

Furthermore, she also touches on 1.02 - Antivirus, 1.03 - Skins, 1.04 - Activation, and the optional but fun 1.05 - Security Backdoor. Yes, I know there'll be at least that many CDs in the Robotization thread. There'll probably be more, but those are the ones I definitely plan. Ideas are always welcome!

Second, this post from Sex Geek. Sex Geek always challenges me to think more and differently about WIITWD, and I really like the advice threads. The part of the post I most enjoyed was SG's advice to the 54-year-old submissive man.

I have always felt that sex is great, but for many people the submission is rewarding in and of itself. I've been blessed to have several of those people as playthings and pets over time. I agree one hundred percent with her advice to the letter writer. I would be more than happy to take on a service toy of either gender without any expectation of sexual obligation. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love having my Chosen mindlessly coming all over the place, but if there was a curious submissive of either gender or in between who was interested in experiencing hypnosubmission without sexuality involved, I'd happily take hir on.

I sincerely hope the letter writer finds someOne for him. Service-interested Dominants are definitely out there!

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