Monday, May 4, 2009

A Matter Of Trust

I haven't updated as much lately, because to be honest my thoughts haven't been all that blissful. I got word that the recording studio I was using is no longer going to be operational. It couldn't have happened at a worse time. I'm waiting on word on when I can get back the raw recordings I've already done.

Thank goodness for hypnosis, because without it I'd be a basket case!

One thing this has done, however, is point up once again the value and meaning of trust in the D/s relationship - and the truth that it has to go both ways. This is true for all D/s, of course, but I can't help but think it matters more for hypnotic D/s than for, say, protocol-based housecleaning servitude. (No, I have no evidence to back up this claim. Sue me. :) )

Right now, my pets have to trust that I will go back to being able to Dominate them at whim instead of having to work up to it. They have to trust that they still matter to me in this time where everything unnecessary is being burned away.

And I have to trust them as well - to be mature adults, to look after each other in small ways, to spoil me and pamper me without the prospect of immediate or indeed any reward. I have to trust them to have the best interests of our Family at heart, instead of just their own.

All of which is to say that daily, I am getting proof that I made the right Choices in my Chosen. Because they are doing that and more.

And I am so deeply grateful.


  1. Trust is an essential element of any deep relationship, whether is be personal or professional. It is also an essential part of being hypnotized (which is part of the theory I'm pondering on the structure of hypnosis.) You are truly fortunate in the people who place their trust in you by letting you hypnotize them.

    And it should go without saying that _I_ trust you, as I let you hypnotize me before and would let you do it again.

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