Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm happy this morning.

I had a really good night last night. What made it special? I recorded *four* new tracks with my new studio!

This brings the number of unreleased mp3/CD tracks to seven, for five CDs of material. (Two of the CDs will have two tracks each.) I can start to get closer to a release schedule. This Makes Me Happy.

As promised, one of the tracks is the FF Mountain Lake. Another is By Her Command: Weight Management. Four of Jukebox's short trances will be released two at a time. Finally, response to the robot release was good enough for me to put more energy into that, so AntiVirus will round out the releases I have done so far.

I'm actually feeling quite a bit inspired. The studio owner is very professional and laid back about the subject matter, and the studio itself is more comfortable. He is interested in doing more. I'm hoping to go in toward the end of the month.

Another thing making me feel good is that the Chew Toy flashfics are up on now. I have never made a secret of being a Raving Chew Toy fangirl - in fact, when I met him I was sincerely worried I'd come off as a stalker. (Apparently I didn't.) It's not too strong a statement for me to say that if "Dream Girl" had not been the first or second EMC story I ever read, I might not be here today. But it was, and I am, and I'm so very happy to be hosting his flash fics. To Chew Toy: Thanks, hon. I'm glad I get to use you.

I'm also going to be working with my Seran on a more "interactive" Virtual Hypnotist session. He's long had a dream of making it a more interactive session. After he comes back from vacation, we're going to start working seriously on that project. I'm curious where it'll lead.

So, yeah, good things happening. :) More news as I have it.

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