Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Survival, again

I'm recovering from the long weekend and the longer last two months, so I hope these next few weeks go better than the last have.

The good news:
1) I might be recording again tomorrow night. This is good, because I have a lot of good ideas that should have been released by now.
2) CONvergence is getting ever closer!
3) The family member having the health issues is recovering.
4) One of my pets is vacationing in London and sending me updates. I really love getting his hypnotized status reports.

Not-so-good news:
1) I still haven't had time to podcast or review the DVDs I've been sent.
2) Sales are down right now, largely because I've been too swamped to promote things. I suspect the robot sales have also dropped off for other reasons... we'll see when Antivirus premieres.
3) The vacationing pet is my editor, so the new releases will be mid-June. I'm looking into ways to set up preorders.

More news soon.

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