Saturday, August 22, 2009

Overdue posting...

So much to say, and so much of it disappointing to me right now. Every time I went to update the last couple of weeks, I thought "No, I'll have better news tomorrow! I'll update then!" It just didn't quite happen that way.

First, the good:
Niteflirt has been better the last few days. I've gotten some really wonderful calls with fantastic experiences. Want to have one yourself? Check over on the right there to see if I'm available. If not, just click on the button anyway and work with me to schedule an appointment. I love to meet new people.
Second, I have recordings in the can for Voice, Chakra Capture F/m and F/f. I have scripts in the works for a few other things. I'm very happy about this. I know next time I go to record, I'll have a lot to offer.
Third, Dragon*Con is coming up. This is always a happy for me.
Fourth, Jukebox came up for my 20th class reunion a couple of weeks ago. It was surprisingly fun. He said he felt like he was walking around all night with a "Ru'etha's brainwashed pet" sign glowing in bright neon over his head. He did look pretty subby! I did some programming on him, and it was lovely.

Now for the not-so-good:
CDbaby changed their policy and stopped uploads of digital content. What that means is that it shoves the release date on my new stuff back until I can send them the CDs and they digitize them. I am Not Happy about this. This pushes the release of my new stuff back Yet Farther.

I'm thinking of just having a huge, mammoth release of content on September 15th. This might end up being possible. We'll see. If that happens, there'll be seven CDs: Chakra times two, Voice, two Jukebox volumes, Robot 1.02, Mountain Lake FF, and By Her Command: Weight. Thoughts?

The other not-so-good thing is that real life stress has really cropped up again. I've been rather ill the last week and if it doesn't clear up by Monday, I'll be back at the surgeon asking what gives. Energy and prayers welcome, scheduling an appointment for a phone session helps more concretely.

I really wish I had better news. Sadly, I'm at the mercy of the publishing!


  1. Synmpathies.

    Creators (writers and other performing artists) are ALWAYS at the mercy of their publishers. (There's a cautionary tale I could tell about a best-selling author who uses a psuedonym because their publisher dropped them sometime back under their real name because their sales were not as anticipated.)

  2. that's too bad about cdbaby, but on the other hand, i'd love to hear ALL of those recordings, and sept 15th really isn't _that_ long to wait for so much goodness. :)

  3. Sorry to hear about the sickness and frustrations. Please know that there are lots of people out there sending prayers, thoughts, and energies your way - and also lots of people out there looking forward to your new recordings, whenever and however they might drop. The hardest part for me will be limiting myself to one or two a month, but that doesn't mean *you* have to limit yourself in publishing them! ;-)