Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy things!

Recording of the next three tracks is finished! "Lady Ru'etha's Voice," "Chakra Capture for Men," and "Chakra Capture for Women" have the rough recordings done. It was slightly delayed by a thunderstorm coming through while I was recording. "Voice" is a long file, and we had to pause for thunder periodically. Then the rain got too loud and we needed to stop for the night. But last night, we got everything done.

I'm taking a two or three day break from scripting, and then going back to Vampire and Foot Fantasy and 1.03 Skins. So far, this particuar vampire script is looking like it'll be almost steampunky. I know I'm going to end up doing a whole vampire line, though, because the genre is so very flexible.

Speaking of, some of the lines are starting to take shape in my brain. Of course I've got the Robot Line, and the line I'm starting to call TransFurMation (at least in my head), and the Fantasy line, and the By Her Command line. I think the Fantasy line is going to have some offshoots, like the Vampire line and the Cast a Spell line and the Sleepy. There's also going to be the Foot line, I think. Kind of mulling this all over in my head still... what do you think? What am I forgetting?

Today Jukebox and I agreed that we want to work on another story together. This one is for this month's MC Forum contest, "The Story of Our Lives." The problem with doing this contest is that J has already put so much autobiographically-inspired stuff in his stories, it's hard to come up with a memorable and not-TOO-personal story. (I'll have to work on giving him more memories to work from.) I think we've come up with which experience to use, but it'll end up highly fictionalized. Probably. Or maybe not...

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