Friday, February 19, 2010

Back in time: Friday night SIG

When I posted the first post about the party Saturday morning, it was reallyreally late and I needed bed. But let's flip back to Friday night, before the room induction, and talk about Friday night's SIG meeting.

A SIG, or special interest group, is like a sub-club of a larger group. In the D/s community, common SIGs include rope, spanking, etc. To my knowledge, NELA is unique in having a hypnosis SIG. (If I'm wrong, please let me know!) That SIG is, of course, the New England Hypnosis group. I am not fully sure how the two groups interact. What I am sure of is that at 20:00 Friday, there was standing room only in the room assigned for the SIG meeting.

There were plenty of experienced people there, and a lot of us in that category knew each other from online already. But it was so very exciting to see the numbers of new people there as well - and they about equaled the experienced folks.

We took questions, mythbusted, explained basic and common ideas about hypnosis true and false. I could see interest being piqued in people all around the room - and I don't mean interest in Mephki's cookies (although damn! It's a fetish on FL for a reason!).

Then it was up to the room for the party.

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