Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Room trance, Saturday at FFF

OK, I did all right with the blogging but not great. Part of that was that Saturday was absolutely fantastic.

I had a private session with someone I've wanted to play with in person for years. I don't have permission to disclose any details, but I will say: Mmmmm. :) Just Mmmmm. Thank you, sweetie, for letting me play with your head. You know who you are.

It was right about the end of that session that I realized I didn't have my ID, passport, or credit cards in the room. The long and the short of it is that these things are gone, and I need to get them replaced ASAP.

But even that couldn't dampen my weekend, because things were fantastic. I'd been wearing a purplish blue flowy dress I love, but decided for the room trance I needed to "pop." It was the work of a moment to choose to wear my long, flowy red dress. Also bare feet, because I am pagan enough to like the feel of something under them that isn't sock or sole.

This room trance was a first for me. I have done "room trances" in chatrooms, of course, dozens of times. I've put all of my pets into trance, even sensual trance, at the same time frequently. I've also done large hypnotic sessions at other cons - family-friendly cons. Nothing where I would not only be welcome, but expected to bring in the erotic component.

We got to the room and discovered that the room we'd been given was, well, small. About half again the size of a normal hotel bedroom. They had lined up two lines of chairs across the back, there was a couch to one side, some easy chairs to the other, and that was just about it for seating. People were already sitting on the floor a couple of rows deep, and more were congregating in the entranceway. Mephki and DrSlashBlight (who, seriously, needs to consider a new username. Something like "BigCuteSoftyHypnoDom" or something) gave me an intro which turned me the same color as my dress, and we were off.

There's something exhilarating about trance. There's more to group trance, and holy cow erotic group trance is way up there. Hearing seventy-five percent of the people in the room gasp at a sensual trigger is *awesome.* (The other twenty-five percent? Nonparticipants/watchers and those who elected not to participate in that part... as I had told them it was optional.) As things moved on, gasps moved to moans and whimpers, also really hot. There were a few people curled up on other people there, and that was cool beyond words.

Copper was really out, and at one point I looked over and Mephki was braiding his hair! Too sweet, and knowing he was taken care of let me focus all the more on the rest of the room. And when I generalized out the sensual trigger to the Dominants of those submissives who had it... well. There were a few people grabbing the wall and gasping when I left the room, is all I'm saying. :)

Halfway through I had to bring everyone up for a stretch break, due to the crowded space. Some people had been looking seriously uncomfortable, and this relieved that. Enough people went ahead and left at that point to space out the floor a bit. Despite this, I only had about a five-foot space to walk around in.

I want to do it again! In a larger room!

Then the second night of room party... but that's another post.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Someday...

  2. My, my. That sounds like an amazing experience for everyone involved - I imagine it was *very* gratifying to see and hear, positive reactions you got from the group. ;)

  3. That is a really gorgeous experience... I'm trying to think of something profound to say other than that sounds like a very, very amazing experience, both for You and for the roomful of lucky people with You!

  4. It sounds like it went over very well. I hope you're able to do it again with a larger room for more wandering/people lounging space. Who knows.. maybe I'll get to be there for one of them seometime. :D

  5. Speaking as someone who was by that point a watcher, it was a lot of fun to watch. And hear. :-)

  6. The room trance was great. I tried participating but there was something about my comfort level (my neck was feeling weird sitting against the wall... ) that prevented me from enjoying everything... but the sounds were fantastic.

    Anywho my name is defiantly not "BigCuteSoftyHypnoDom"... That doesn't go with all my silver, goggles, and campy evil... but my Nickname has been Buddy irl for years and years... and it fits. But when it comes to Lady R, I'm also a huge fan boy :0)

  7. How can anyone who has met Lady R _not_ be one of her fanboys?

  8. @hypnomedia If they're female! We're her fangirls ;)

    ... Sorry. But that was just too easy! ;)

  9. I hate the Atlantic Ocean for keeping me away. I hate the Swiss National Lottery for refusing to let me win enough money to travel. I'm angry with my employer for refusing to give me enough paid holidays to travel.

    I love you Lady Ru'etha and glad you had such a great time. Believe me, I will find a way to attend an event. The sooner, the better. likeacaress