Friday, February 12, 2010

Brainwashing Copper post 1: background

Yes, this is relevant for FFF. :)

For context, Copper has been my pet for five years. Originally Copper didn't feel himself to be very much of a submissive. He was more to the submissive side of the spectrum than the Dominant side, but he didn't see himself as very much into the spectrum at all.

One of the joys of the past few years has been unlocking that submissive side. Everything has been with the consent, of course, but because he has needed to feel safe in the process it has been a slow, sensual, gradual flowering.

Frequently his conscious mind has been impatient with the speed of things. But because of the way we did this, it really does amount to brainwashing: permanent changes to how he fundamentally feels about things in general.

Two years ago, I asked him to attend Dark Odyssey with me. It didn't happen. Even last year, I think it would have been more than he was ready to do to attend a conference like FFF.

But right now, as he curls up on the floor with his head resting on my left foot, purring, that slow and gradual conditioning is all worth it. He is here with me, right now, submissive and docile and attentive and very much mine. And we are both very, very happy.


  1. I am glad that things have worked so well for you and Copper both. *smiles happily*