Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting at my gate...

It's been an insane week, and while I got a lot done I didn't get it all in. So:

* By Her Command: Peaceful Sleep is in editing. It and Museum Heat (both versions) are waiting on me to have five minutes to record backing tracks.

* I recorded Robotics 1.03. Next Wednesday, I record 1.04. I may even have some more scripts done by then!

* I dyed some rope. It's lovely. I'll be using it as a focus in a file sooner or later.

* Speaking of foci, my badly-needed night of pampering went beautifully. I now have sparkly toes! And very, very deep purple fingernails. Mmmmm.

In a few minutes my plane to Boston takes off. I do plan on podcasting if I can, and at the very least look for more frequent blog posts this weekend!

I really hope to see you at Fetish Fair Flea!


  1. I *LOVE* purple fingernails! =D And sparkly toes! Hurrah for both!

    (and I seriously can NOT wait for the next round of MP3s...)

  2. i'm in full agreement with Katie <3

    pics of fingers and toes? *big cute eyes*

  3. *nods and agrees with Katie* I'm all in favor of purple AND sparkly. :D