Saturday, June 12, 2010

NEEHU Liveblog: entry 1

9am: Up, showered, hair is still very damp but passable. Aaronhalt is getting out of the shower, Jukebox is up and showered and dressed. I know you all wanted to know this. ;)

I'm going to attempt to liveblog this day, at least up until the play party, at which point I will be too busy to check in. (Which is sad, because I know that's what most of you will want to see. Sorry. :) ) In a few minutes, we'll be heading from the Westin over to the Hyatt and getting ourselves ready.

So far, I'm presenting these things:

10:30-11AM - Lady Ru'etha - Hypnosis 101

Introduction to hypnosis, safety, and to show you why hypno is hot! (Talk + demo)

12:30-1:30PM - Lady Ru'etha Introduction to the Induction.

Learn how to induce hypnosis with Lady R! Didactic and demos.

I might also be doing panels on suggestions, on robotization, and on hypnosis for Dominants. We'll see.

Over to Jukebox at his blog... click right over herer.

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