Saturday, June 12, 2010

NEEHU Liveblog - Entry 2

OK... so hypnosis 101 has been presented, and now I'm in the one slot I might actually attend, which is Rope and rapport. (I have two real rope fans among my Chosen, so I need to learn more about this.) It's being presented by Mephki (@mephki on Twitter), and I will be blogging what I can as I see it. This is somewhat hands-on, though.

Mephki says rope is a tool to convey emotions and interactions with partners. It uses the unconscious mind to help figure someone out.

...and this went from somewhat hands-on to me rope-molesting @Unchaste-Athene and @lizthegrey together. I wish I had pictures, but Liz and Athene were rope-dancing and Mephki tossed me some rope and pointed me in their direction. So I got them both at once. I ended up having them bound ankles and one hand each and blindfolded with rope. It was niiiiice.

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