Monday, June 14, 2010

NEEHU was incredible!

Peak experiences always leave me dazed, and NEEHU is no exception. How do I explain how it felt to me to be there? How do I talk about the amazing people? How do I list the new friends, and talk about the reconnection with existing ones?

I can't. So I'll do the best I can and skim the surface.

Things That Are Hot:

* Kissing a wonderful woman and pleasure triggering her repeatedly into the kiss... while her boyfriend watches approvingly.
* Having said boyfriend hold her on the brink of orgasm later until I could get back in the room to watch. (Thanks, both of you... I so appreciate that! :) )
* Binding two really hot women together in trance. Yum. No. YUM.
* Watching others play with their partners. I don't get to watch very often!
* Hypno-Reverse-Freeze tag. No, I'm not kidding.
* The hairbrushing and hypnosis session. My long hair kink is Very Happy right now.
* Being hypnotized in Russian. (Yeah, yeah, insert your A Fish Called Wanda joke here... but I probably already made it.)

Things That Are Rewarding:

* Watching new people hypnotize others for the Very First Time, after you've explained things to them.
* Seeing people you met earlier in the year, now as couples.
* Poly snuggling.
* Watching your beloved come out of his shell and be social and happy.
* Collaring ceremonies.
* People realizing that holy shit, we're NOT alone!
* People assisting each other to be the best they can be - particularly noticeable in the wonderful exchanges in the Becoming A Better Submissive panel. Honestly, J and I really just gave that one a reason to get going - the help between others there was where it was really happening. The interplay between people there was spectacular and heartwarming.

I am so very grateful to Mephki and DrSlashBlight for getting this together. For those wondering, there IS already planning going on for one next year. We don't have venues, dates, or anything else settled... but I know that since I won't be coming off a move next time, I'll be able to put more into being part of the planning and setup. If you couldn't come this year, watch this space and others. It will happen again. Normally I'd put in the caveat "if people want it," but the comments I'm seeing on Fetlife already tell me they do!


  1. hairbrushing hypnosis session? purrrrrrrrr... please tell us more!

  2. It sounds like you had an absolutely delicious time. I'm so happy for you!

  3. Happy to reprise the vague talk on hair/hypnosis at any time, maybe on a Wednesday chat.