Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Museum Heat! And: My Chosen Love Me.

Museum Heat is almost ready! Here's the artwork, and oh, is it lovely! Watch for the formal announcement very soon here. This is my most sexual file to date, and the one I've most wanted to have out for a while.

Also, I'm going to Chicago this weekend to unwind and spend some quality time with one of my Chosen. He's going to take me to do this: Flotation/Sensory Deprivation tank time - something I've wanted to do for ages! I can't wait to tell you all how this was.

Longer post tomorrow.


  1. Looking foreward to Museum Heat with great interest. Hope your adventures in introspection are everything you're hoping for and more.

  2. You may be interested in this, I tried it a few times a long time ago.