Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Matter What I Wear

You've seen me dressed up in the other pictures I have posted to this blog. And I do like dressing up. As I said, I love my flowing dresses. I love my jewelry. I love to get into Dommespace by dressing the part as I feel comfortable doing so.

But no matter what I wear, how much or how little, I am a Domme.

I can be wearing a tie-dyed or black t-shirt and sweats. I can be naked to the waist. I can be wearing just nail polish and a smile.

The picture above is a still frame of a video, where I'm hypnotizing Follow The Watch... my Seran. It was a wonderful session... actually our first in-person session. And yes, I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts. And yes, he was deeply in my power.

The delight of hypnotizing someone and turning that person into my good boy or good girl never fails to please me. I adore the way people melt at my feet. Although you can't see him in these shots, he was on his knees, blank-eyed, monotone-voiced, murmuring "Yes, my Lady" to my every suggestion.

He knew who was in charge at that time.

And no matter what I wear, that's all that matters.

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