Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just random thoughts! says a lot of you got the vampire files while they were available, which makes me happy - but I really want feedback! Please post a comment if you downloaded it and listened and haven't already commented.

Speaking of comments, please leave Jukebox some comment love. I commanded him to talk about comments and feedback, he did, and NOT ONE COMMENT SINCE. Really, people. :)

In other news, Fetish Fair Flea Market planning continues apace! I'll be getting in February 11 and leaving February 16. I'm already planning with some other hypnotists to do some dual inductions, and for those who just want to get together and do lunch, we can do that too. The party promises to have more people staring blankly into space than... you know what, I'm getting too excited about this to even be funny. :) Just join me. You really, really want to.

Tomorrow I'll be posting an email I got with a fun story about a surprise induction. Lots of fun!


  1. I'll be listening to them after tommorow! I will give you feedback on what they do for me. :)

  2. I listened to one last night but I discovered myself drifting in and out of sleep as opposed to trance. I'll try again tomorrow when I'm not so sleep-deprived (was up until 5 this morning working on video editing, working on your holiday present.)

  3. Hi, there. You've got some CDs / MP3s listed here that aren't on CD Baby. For example, the one about "Weight" that I was interested in. Can you double-check and make sure everything is showing up where it should?

  4. thanks for giving us such lovely end-of-the-year gifts! the vampire MP3 is a fun and sexy miniature role-playing/fantasy adventure, and the Imagine MP3 is extremely comfy and cozy-making. in fact, i think that sounds like a good idea right now... :)