Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today's present: Imagine.mp3

Today's link is available only until December 24, so make sure to download it soon if you want it! It's "Imagine," previously available only to those calling the recording on Niteflirt. Until Thursday at midnight US eastern, it's available for free!

The text of this recording is, of course, by Jukebox. I'd asked him to write me an induction, and this was his first effort. ("Winter Wonderland" was the second, and the later ones you can find on my CDs.) I really like the positive tone of this one.



  1. Actually, my Lady, "Winter Wonderland" was my first directed effort at an induction--"Imagine", I just thought of as a story written in the form of a monologue. It wasn't until You recorded it and played it back to me that I realized it worked as a hypnotic induction...

    After I woke up, that is. :)

  2. thank You for these gifts. :-) i'm sure You are pleased with us to give us these presents, MiLady

  3. *Blissful smile* Once again you spoil us with your generosity and kindness.

    To give feedback, I recall the induction segment being fairly quick and almost felt like it was the second or third layer right at the start. Though familiarity and repeatition makes that only a minor obstacle.

    Either way, left a nice hazy feeling like a long restful nap, feeling fulfilled and whole. I liked :)

  4. Thanks so much for the comments!

    J: I misremembered. But it's a lot of time and fun under that bridge, isn't it, beloved? :)

    A: I have been having fun with this, yes! I feel that the community has been so supportive of me this year, I really want to give back.

    C: Good. :) Nice restful nap just makes it easier for you to enjoy next time!