Friday, December 18, 2009

The next holiday gift: Winter Wonderland, the original recording!

Back in 2008, I recorded Jukebox's gorgeous induction piece "Winter Wonderland." I made a few minor edits, but it's by and large as he wrote it. I set it up as one of the podcasts, and happily posted away.

Within a week, I was being more or less accused of being unethical because of some of the obedience suggestions in the file. (Note that I don't have any probems with grey_shadow's concerns - he was right to question if that induction was suitable for a general, possibly non-D/s oriented audience.) I took it down, edited it, and re-released an edited version. That edited version can be found here, but many people missed the original.

Here it is. Jukebox has again given consent for it to be posted. It will be available for at least a month unless DropBox shuts down my link for bandwidth... so go gentle, but do enjoy!


  1. Since it's original recording, this has been my most listened to file in all of the community, it's so well constructed and truly puts the listener at ease. I am all in favor of giving the listener the option to chose which version they wish to enjoy.

    Personally, I've always kept a copy of the original on my hard drive to enjoy, and am glad that others have the opportunity to do the same.

  2. I'm really interested in comments from people who had not previously heard it. I wonder what they'll think?

  3. Thank you! =) I know I mentioned this to you last night, this file has been missing for me for almost a year, since my previous computer's hard drive died. Getting it back is really wonderful.

    And it is every bit as hot as I remember.



  4. You're welcome, Katie-Kitten! I'm glad I could get it back to you.

    I wasn't actually sure I still had a copy. Luckily, the laptop I was using to record at the time is still serviceable - the screen died, but I hooked up a monitor and found it! And I knew it was the original, because it still had all the pauses and stumbles in it, unedited out. ;) So I spent some time last night editing out the podcast intro and the rough parts. I hope I got them all!