Sunday, January 10, 2010

Browsing around the web...

...and I bet the people who are friends with me there regret it a bit. ;)

Still, I've already found groups in the Twin Cities to join, and I've found a kink-friendly massage therapist who's going to be getting my business. Why? Because it pays to give back to the community and her rates are beyond reasonable. After my first session with her, I'll post a review.

I also found a plus-size lingerie site I've been browsing around. For those not in the know: I am a fat chick. I am trying to get smaller because of effects on my knees, but I'm emotionally comfortable with myself at this size. (In fact, that's one of the larger problems I've had: I'm comfy enough that I have difficulty convincing myself to change!) This site has some really pretty garments. If I figure out a way to get an address-protected wishlist going there, I'll be posting it. And then people who buy me items can get pics for free, and I'll post them after that for pay to my NF and TS sites.

I'm pondering the script for a breast induction file as well. It would be lovely to be able to get one of those out by Frolicon.

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  1. I find I'm having much the same issue with weight loss. Emotionally I'm comfortable at my current weight. In order to get surgery I need to shrink.