Monday, January 11, 2010

I Get Email: a cute story

I have another "I get email" post for tomorrow or Wednesday, but this one I promised to post a while back. This is posted by permission from sleepybrat09 on Twitter. Feel free to follow her. She's adorable.

This is the story of how she got rapid-dropped with an unusual focus. I giggled. I hope you will too!


Crowning Achievement for a Hypno-Junkie (aka how I'm an easy target :oP)

This is a tale of just how easy of a target I am...kinda :o)Back story: My best friend is a hypnotist (here comes the chorus of "NO?! REALLY!"), we've known each other for seven years. He's been trancing me for said seven years mostly via text and phone. About four years ago we started hanging out in real space (when he would need to come to the area for school purposes), and in the last year I've started visiting him (...5 times but who's counting?). We've yet to do any real in person hypnosis (that was more than 20 seconds long). We have a playful D/s relationship (at least it's A relationship.../bitterness) and basically...I'm putty for him. :)

So I was visiting this weekend,and he asked the group of us that were there if we wanted to play Hypno-Jenga on Friday. I was slightly nervous about my semi first time in person being in a group, but I agreed...because it's pretty much what I do when he asks something (when I don't want to be a brat...hence the Twitter name). So this was semi nerve-wracking for me but that didn't last long anyway...but I digress.

Before I start let me explain the basics of hypno jenga here, my best friend's roommate/friend made it for him as a way for him to keep in practice and whatnot. What she did was number all of the Jenga blocks 1-100 and, with the game, gave him a sheet of paper numbered 1-100 as well. Each number had a different type of induction on it (relaxation, shock, instant, candle, pendant, surprise, misc, etc, etc and so on and so forth). A person picks a block,they get tranced by the induction that coordinates with the number on the block. When the hypnotist picks a block he hypnotizes the whole group. It's quite fun. I'm not just saying that because my brain was basically putty then either! :o)
So the first time I got to pick a block I got either...surprise or shock or something along those lines. I can't quite remember what exactly it was. Anyway, the previous Christmas I bought my best friend a Build-a Bear teddy bear that wears a little martial arts gi (because he's a black belt,and it's adorable, but again I digress). So before all of this he had been going on about how he was able to use the teddy bear as an induction with someone not too long ago. And, being the brat that I am, I just gave him a look of utter 'WTF how is that even possible?!'...and then I got that induction.

So he grabs the bear off of his chair, and I made a comment, and he said "well it was your gift, it only seems right that we should use it" - and I made another comment. And the following is pretty much exactly what happened: "So. See the bear?" (as he holds it directly in front of me)


"See the bear?" (repeated several times, as he starts moving it side to side, up, down, in a semi circle, etc)

"Yeaaaah I see the - "

"SLEEP!" (as the bear is tossed at - albeit very gently - and bounces off my face)

It was at that point that I sat there (I was on the edge of his couch), blinked once for a split second, and then dropped back against the back of the couch. I was tranced by a teddy bear. :P

This refutes a previous dispute about me being a "soft target". My response upon being woken up was hilarious. I sat up, looked at him and just shook my head, going "son of a bitch. I don't believe you actually just did that. AND IT WORKED."

So there you have it, my albeit very short story. But a story nonetheless. My internal monologues the entire night were hilarious. He did a quarter induction on me and as I'm holding the quarter I'm thinking to myself "not letting go, not letting go, not letting....crap *quarter drops to floor". Same thing during another one where he was making my left arm stiff, I'm standing there thinking "oh that's my weak arm...he should have used the other one." and then he starts pushing down on it, and I start thinking "wait...that's my weaker's not moving?!"

Hehehe. :o) I'm an entertaining participant, to say the least. So that was my crowning achievement for the weekend, hopefully it was entertaining!


  1. It just demonstrates that when and if someone is primed to enter trance, and when they are given permission or direction to do so, they WILL be hypnotized.

  2. I admire the friend's absolute creativity on inductions and the subject's flexibility on entering trance.

    Most of all I'm just amused by it all, that's just amazing.

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